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I married my husband when I was 19 and he was 40. We have been together for two years in March. I love him with all of my heart and couldn't ask for a better husband. After two years our age difference is starting to take a toll on me. Im 21 and full of energy but he is 42 and always grumpy and tired. What really gets to me is when he talks down to me and makes me feel like a child. We should be working together, we are husband and wife not father and daughter. I just wanted to communicate with someone my age and can understand the same situation.
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Hey I'm 20 and my hubby is 37, well it usually is like that when they speak to us but we aslo have to bear in mind that we are wives and yet to b mothers or mothers, for my side I try to adjust to the way he speaks to me and when his done I then raise my issue in that way it gives you the platform that shows him that you can hold an argument like a full grown adult.

Glad to know someone else is in the same situation I am!! I'm 19 and my fiance just turned 35 in December, I genuinely love him but at times I feel like you noted. He is very good to me in several ways, takes care of me, very affectionate, etc..but occasionally he puts me down for my age, he may not be doing it intentionally but thats how I take it. He has 2 beautiful children, 8 and 11 years old and they both accept me well. The younger one calls me her stop mom. We are actively trying to conceive but sometimes I have second thoughts.Ultimately, I feel in my heart this is what I want. He is usually full of life, happy, outgoing, etc except when he has had a hard day at work or something is bothering him. That brings up something else..he doesnt communicate all that great with me, He just gets mad and keeps it in, this bothers me. However, I am very satisfied overall and am very happy with him. I look forward to many years together! It tears me up inside to think we wont be able to grow old together, but I will happily take care if him in his elder days! :) good luck to you both, look forward to your response

I found with the communication issue i make it a habit of mine to let him know how i feel about something right away, eventually he came around and started talking to me. I hope that helps. You can never change the way he sees the age difference, he does it without knowing it. If you say anything, he denies it, figures. He has two kids and just like you, the younger one has grown on me more than his 15 year old. But its understandable.