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My husband is 24 years older than I am. He is 76 and I am 52. He was always young for his age and it didn't seem like a problem. Now it's becoming a problem. Health issues, slowing down, not taking care of himself. I take very good care of myself and am tired of his health problems. Also he talked me into building this huge house that he isn't going to be able to finish and is going to leave me stuck with. Also his family treats me like crap, leaving me out of the good stuff, being condescending or downright rude. I'm trying to make the best of it...don't have much of a family myself...guess I gave all that up for this relationship. Not sure where to go from here. I know of a couple men who married much older committed suicide the other went absolutely crazy on drugs and left. Not choices for me.

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This experience sounds like a warning.
I am 31 and I have on older suitor who is really very kind and gentle and responsible. but hearing all your experience seems I should not put myself into it since I am young, and makes money pretty well and can have suitors my age.

Prayer helps alot me 37 him 60. He has alot of health problems and does not take care of himself. I miss my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Married for 16 years. I love him to death just have good days and bad . Seems more bad than good in the past few months.

Me too. 20 years apart and age does matter!

sharing my story with you:

I thought that we would be the few that made it. He was 25 years older. Been together on and off for 22 years. The age range did not make much difference until the past few years.

Him 70 and me 44. I learned so many lessons to list. We remain friends but separated now. Never thought back when I was 22 and he was 48 that there would be issues.

Married him for love. Our age difference and the stages we are in life now are so different now.

He has become mean and bitter about his aging and angry of my youth. Never saw it coming. He once was so confident and nice. I trusted everything he once said only to find out the past few years much of it was never true.

Its easy to control someone younger until they get older like me now in my 40's not a little girl anymore who once had father issues.

Once you get past the father issues stages in life you want a partner not a father figure husband.

Long story but I would say anyone over 15 years age difference should not get married.

Thanks for the responses...I was pretty down that night. It helped to get it out and realize how much of it was my perspective at the time. We've been married 20 years and were together a few years before that. It's basically ONE daughter-in-law that can get under my skin...the rest are good to me and I love them. We have a good's fun working on the house together on his good days...I know I sounded like an *******. I've had chances to get out and chose to stay. He is not rich, I supply most of the security for the one who asked about that. He has a hip replacement coming up and I'm scared.

I'm scared of the future, but you're right..we all are heading that way. Keep responding....I'm listening

Hi i have a hip replacement. If it is done right by a good doctor they work quite well. Just watch out for staph infection .

How long have you two been married? Was a first or second marriage for either one of you? I know it's nosy, but I have a personal interest in how this works or doesn't work out so well.