No Where To Turn

I have been with my husband for 5 years now. We have two girls together ages 4 and 2 and one on the way. I never knew what to call his behavior till today. I googled it and found this. I read the stories in here and feel like i am reading about my husband. He has always been like this but has gotten worse recently. His "N" disorder is compounded with the fact that he is also irresponsible and likes to drink. Recently we had an argument about his drinking because he spent the last of our money (10 dollors) on beer. (We are on public assistance cause he can't hold a job) Then a week later our daughter got sick and we had no money to get her meds. He refuses to admit he screwed up. Not that that is important. I have asked him in the past to go to counseling with me and he will not go. Says he is not the screwed up one, that i am and that if anyone needs help it is me. So i went by myself till he got mad about me going at all. Today i gave him a choice to make. Either he was to stop drinking and take care of his family and grow up or i was going to take the kids and leave. His reply to me was "then leave cause i am not going to stop drinking." I am so unbelieveably hurt that he chose the beer and drinking over his kids. Why can't he see that he is hurting everyone around him with his "N" ways. His "i am perfectly happy in my delusional little world where i do no wrong" thinking is costing him his family and he will never see that. He will always tell me that it was my choice.
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Now that you know what he is and the hell of living with a narcissist the folowing website would assist with the different situations, how to cope and how to get out safely. <br />
For Narcissistic personality disorder, try:<br /><br /> <br />
All the best God be with you.