The End, Or The Beginning?

I was married to an extremely narcisistic man for nearly 17 years. We had 4 children together. It ended with him leaving to live with his 19 year old girlfriend just over a year ago. I should be happy, I am relieved to a point. Yet his effects on me linger, he toys with me, he continues to lie to me, he left me with nothing, and continues to use his extraorinary manipulation skills to continue to make my life, and our childrens lives, hell. When I should be celebrating my freedom, I find myself still constantly tempted to give in to him just to keep the peace just as it always has been!!!!!  
shellylou shellylou
3 Responses Sep 27, 2010

Woe to his 19 year old GF and congratulations to you. It takes a while but work on NC.

Now that you know what he is and the hell of living with a narcissist the folowing website would assist with the different situations, how to cope and how to get out safely. <br />
For Narcissistic personality disorder, try:<br /><br /> <br />
All the best God be with you.

be strong shelly....your away from him now right? Things get better with time too...