My Life Feels Like I Live In Hell

i dont even know where to begin, i just know i  need to have a voice. i need to be heard, i think! its such a confusing life, its hard to describe it, you really cant, to any one then you find some one who is going through it as well then you know youarent crazy, they understand! so im just looking for help and ears to hear, why dose no one know how this seems to start? the world dosent seem to be able to explaIN it or fix it, so there for it gose on and on and and thus here i go on and on trying to explain, how i feel or what i think when i dont really know, im not allowed to feel.the confusion never stops

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

My heart with you. I completely understand what you are going through. I have been in your place.15 years of confusion, doubt,and self loathing. The pain and greif were unbearable. Please take good care of your self, read as many books as you can about narcissist. Try marriage counseling. Plan carefully for divorce if you want to leave him because you don't have any clue what he might do if you try to divorce him.<br />
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You are smart and strong. You are better than him, EVIL is dumb, and indeed he is dumb. <br />
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Wish you victory,<br />
Love Hana

Narcissism seems to start in the tween years, with emotional or psychological problems. They are really really good at putting on the charm, and have a knack for finding people who care, will give them "feed". Feed is when you try to understand and empathize with them. The really hard part to wrap your head around is that they are incapable of loving anyone, but themselves. Where you look back and see why you fell in love with them, remember it was all an act, not truly them. It seems that for some(like me) it takes a very long time to find what they are truly, i had heard of narcissism, but thought it was just vanity. What a surprise when i read about it , and was like "WOW, this is him!" They are expert at twisting anything and everything to suit them, it is always all about them. To be successful in leaving one, you have to turn it around, if you do not give them feed, they will find someone else who will, which is what you want. Don't try to rescue the new victim, be happy it isn't you. Get counseling, get over them, and get the best revenge, have a good life.

Now that you know what he is and the hell of living with a narcissist the folowing website would assist with the different situations, how to cope and how to get out safely. <br />
For Narcissistic personality disorder, try:<br /><br /> <br />
All the best God be with you.

I understand you completely, because i feel the same!