Almost 4 Years

I have been married for almost 4 years now, and I am just now starting to realize that my husband is never going to change. He doesn't understand my feelings and he doesn't seem to care. There have been several instances where I wouldn't be feeling well but he always manages to feel worse than I could. He has never abused me physically. Thank God! But I guess you could say I recieve a lot of emotional abuse. It doesn't matter what situation we are in or where we are, he manages to tell everything about himself regardless if anyone is listening to him or not. And if he doesnt get the feedback he wants he continuously repeats himself until someone responds back. It's so annoying. I often ask myself why I put up with his crap. If I don't agree with something he does, he gets angry and tells me that he will just leave then. But if I am doing something that he doesnt agree with, he makes a huge deal abou it. I also think he loves being yelled at! It seems like he is always doing something to get me to scream at him! I just dont understand him! 

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Leave. That kind of relationship is maddening. You deserve to be loved and to be heard.

Now that you know what he is and the hell of living with a narcissist the folowing website would assist with the different situations, how to cope and how to get out safely. <br />
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All the best God be with you.

Leave him now, don't waste any more years like I did he will never get better .

I have tried to understand him. I listen to him when he has problems and I do what I can for him, but he doesn't do anything in return. It's like he expects me get mad when he doesn't understand him. I have learned that this is his personality. I even talked to my mother in law about this, she said he has kind of always been that way.

well maybe u should try to understand him.. everyone isnt alike .. some want their partners to listen to them more.. maybe.. dunno .. i have never been in a relationship so i dont know much .. but wat i do is when u get pissed off with something just try to do it and get over with it rather than shouting at someoen