Mixed Feelings...

I've always supported his Mets habit, but sometimes it gets out of hand. 

He equates a trip to see the Mets with a 'vacation'.  It is.  For one of us.

Watching games every night wears a bit thin. 

Yes, he could have much worse vices.  And, his devotion has been lifelong...I respect that.

I've adapted and now they are my team as well, but...

I just want a vacation that doesn't involve cleaning a holiday residence or sitting through a three-game homestand.

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4 Responses May 14, 2010

Actually, I sat in the stands and wrote the "Hello Cleveland!" post....

Sounds like my first wife. She was also a ba<x>seball fanatic whereas I was the only one sitting in the stands with the New York Times Book Review. In retrospect it was actually pretty funny. Talk about being mismatched.

Wowwwwww! What a story, WhenIf! You take the cake on this one.<br />
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I gave him tix to a Mets/Yankees game for our 10th wedding anniversary. I loved seeing him so happy. But Mets every night is wearing a bit thin after 20 years!!!!<br />
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Maryryan, <br />
Just saw this post and wanted to share - I feel your pain in this post and if it weren't the Mets I would suspect that you married my ex. <br />
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The first day of our honeymoon was at a game. (We had to get to sleep the night before so we would be awake for it! Not that bad - since he was drunk. This wasn't a SM but still - my wedding night I thought would be different....) He was very romantic about our 1st and only anniversary - we went to a game at the same park. Wasn't that sweet. (But at least he remembered!) He got me gifts for no reason except his love for me. He surprised me with our first color TV (oops age showing) in the fall. It turned out his timing was great too. It was just in time for football season. ba<x>seball was the worst. He would watch one TV and sometimes had another on top (back in the day when there might be two games on (no cable then) and listen to at least one on the radio. (But I knew where he was!!) He enjoyed football too. Basketball was a close third.<br />
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Later I would say, "It should have been a clue when I spent my first day married - sitting through a double header."<br />
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But my family had always followed sports - perhaps not to the same avid (dare I say rabid) level - so it wasn't that bad.<br />
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But but but but but - I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here. I can always find a way or reason to brush aside the bits of this and that. I was stunned when he asked for a divorce. And spent a year trying to figure out - who I was if I wasn't Mrs. Steven ###. But I did it and promised myself I would never loose myself in a relationship/marriage again. I do still know who I am today - but how much of me overlaps him in the defining of us is yet to be determnined.<br />
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Anyway - as I'm surefd you know - you are not alone - at least you didn't honeymoon at the park!<br />
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