Well, Engaged To One Anyway = )

When we first started dating, my Fiance's job was just as a reserve deputy sheriff so he only worked weekends & maybe a night here or there. But now he just took a full time position with the Police Dept on the Biltmore Estate & is also starting more hours with the sheriff dept at the same time. I know he loves his job, & I would never ask him to choose me over his duty, I only wish he had the day shift instead of 10hour night shifts. Oh well...I'm sure I'll adjust. I'm getting ready to start my college classes again in a few weeks so I know it will help keep me busy, but that also means I'll have classes 4 days a week while he's working 10hour days (I mean nights) & training. I know we'll make it work, I was just wondering if some of the married ladies have any advice on how to keep our relationship going strong, even when we can't see each other?? & how to deal with being apart & on different schedules all the time?? Especially since we live about 35 mins apart!! Thanks!! = )
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I also am in the same situation as both of you. We have been dating for quite some time and our schedules are never the same. He works all three shifts in a week, so early mornings, afternoons, and then all night. It's frustrating, that's for sure, but like you guys I'm completely in love with this man. We just make sure that we make time for each other even if it is only a few minutes here or there. We leave notes for each other, text, and call a lot. We don't live together and I keep telling myself that once we do live together it'll be easier. But we want to get married before that happens.

I was surfing the web looking for woman that are in my situation of dating a deputy. And I see I'm not the only one I don't see my boyfriend that much anymore and it's been really hard. I give him so much crap just cause I feel he doesn't make time for me. And I know he's always tired I think I believe i should cut him some slack. I love this man with all my heart and I guess this is the life of dating a deputy..

I think many women dating police officers struggle with this! I have at times when he is on call. We try to plan a date on the say of each month of our anniversary (ours is the 6th) that way we both feel valued and special with the limited time we may have. Also, we try to sit down when we are both home and ear dinner at the table instead of watching TV or doing other things. That seems to help with one on one attention. :-) Hope this helps.

*same day