This Man No One Can Figure Out, But Me,,.......

Have been with this man for 7 years, Claimed to be a minister of music and this was a fact, and we got involved, he was previously married with 2 daughters and 2 step children, who are all married and have children of their own, his two daughters are now divorced and his step grown children want nothing to do with him, he has baggage from the past including childhood issues, He was awesome when we first got together, the church and friends and family married us, we were the talk of the town, 3 months into the marriage he CHANGED !!!!!, narcissistic, passive aggressive personality disorder, aspergers, self-centered, geek, highly intellegent, money haughter, blame shifter, children hater, emotional cheater with his x-wife, disconnected especially emotionally and sexually at times and intimately always, depressed the first two years of marriage then manic for 1 year, than 2 years depression moody, with sever chronic worry, and all i did  was cater to him, i lost my friends, visit with his family not mine, he was claiming to be a victim, and the greatest Musician Ever, he is very successful, when he is out of the property he is like a charming person, when we are back home on the property he is down in the dumps, he lived here with his past family for 25 years, and now they hate him, his x-wife had the same problems I do with him, and he lies and makes promises cannot keep, I gave up everything to be with him because of what he promised, like put my name on everything and never did, he controls all the money and i have to ask him for milk money or 3 dollars to go to wendys, yet he will purchase clothing for me on line, and give me an allownace of ten dollars a week, he puts the gas in the car, and goes food shopping with or for me, and he is in and out of the house all day because he works from home, he will give to his family but complains when giving to mine, i have food in the refregirator but not much, we shop mostly for his food, we are both hippies but at the same time, he jams with other musicians to The Lord christian rock christian jazz and claims he is a warrior for The Lord and goes deep in music, how can this be when you treat others like garbage,  we fight constantly, well here it is folks, I came across some interesting information to those who suffer like I do its called, A Man Who Is Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder, look it up and you will find it quite interesting, feed back please, thanks and G-d Bless You, Ciao

allabotyou allabotyou
Nov 19, 2011