I wish I would have known how self centered the man I married was before I married him. How he twists things around to make him look like a victim or the good guy. I had no idea that he had a I love me book. A book that shows everything he did. Certificates, medals and stuff like that. That is what he named it ( I love me book). He gets stuff he wants then later he will say he never gets anything he wants. When he comes home he changes the Tv. It doesn't matter if I am already watching something. The worsest thing is that sex is the same way. One sided. I wish I would have known.
koolkatjossie koolkatjossie
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Hi KoolKatJossie

I know exactly what you mean. If I was to go through everything this selfish person (I am not going to say man as he isn't) put me through you wouldn't believe!!! He has told lies on me and constantly deceived me on countless occasions. Then makes himself out as the victim and the good guy. I've had his brother call me a ***** and his aunt a gold digger. All because I speak my mind and I am honest, not to mention when ever they tried to interrogate (I do mean like being in a police station and they are literally asking question after question about your personal life, interrogate) and you choose not to answer because quite frankly it is none of their business. They don't like me. They are the most fake and slyest set of people I have ever met!!!! And that is not even a quarter of it all.