Everything Was About Him

Not anymore but I was. It even got to the point that I was handing over my pay check because he deserved it so much.  My whole world revolved around him, no exceptions allowed.Finally it got to be too much and we are no longer married.
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self centered men need to all be put in one room together

i just split with my partner who was much like this. the last straw for me came when she spit on me and screamed abuse at me after i broke down in desperation in front of her. i have been suffering anxiety and depression for a long time and done my best to deal with it so i didn't offend her with her own issues. her narcissism spoke volumes that she tried to abuse me at at time when i needed her the most. i didn't need her to do anything for me, just listen and care. her excuse was that she couldn't deal with it, having enough of her own problems. wow, like i haven't been there for ALL her problems over the last 5 ******* years. sorry i didn't mean to rant, i understand though, really i do.

I am experiencing the same thing. When we first moved in together he treated me and my kids like royalty. I had never had a guy to be so good to me. It seems like not soon after we said I Do that he changed drastically. Now he is so sarcastic towards my kids. He gets onto them very hard when he corrects them while he never corrects his own child. He is always buying for himself! If we have a large lump some of money it usually goes towards paying off his debts or buying a big purchase for himself. He acts as if he has to do nothing but go to his job and that's it. He does no housework at all and if he does yard work me and the kids have to be out there with him. I am also at my wits end.

I could divorce my husband. This isn't my first marriage so I know how easy it would be just to walk away an not look back. Fortunately I'm not controlled by, or dependent on him; its just that his self-centeredness has me baffled. How could someone in a marriage be so oblivious to their own behavior? I've asked him. I've also shown him just how he behaves but, surprise, surprise he doesn't see it. What I don't get is how does it come to this? How can someone not realize that they behave as though it is all about them? At some point don't they think 'hey, I haven't taken the old ball-and-chain any place special in a while' or 'hey, maybe the ol'lady would like me to do this for her', I mean, aren't these things married people do? <br />
As it is we live fairly separate lives because I refuse to be led and he refuses to treat me like I have feelings. I guess I just keep thinking there is a magic key--some phrase or magic word I can use and he'll say 'aah, so that's what you mean'. He isn't mean or anything, just... self absorbed. He truly does believe he's the belle of the ball and there is no more interesting subject than what is going on in his life and what he wants or needs.

Bravo... good move

You did the right thing...relationships are a two way street. Plus if there's going to be someone who gets more attention it should be the woman, I think.