Miss My Baby!

So my husband and I got married to days before he left for Afganistan actually...and I am about 2 months pregnant! I am devastated that he can't be here! Our first child and he can't experience any of it with me! I am so so sad about this and I know that it is affecting him more then he is letting on! Every time I go to the doctor I see all the other wives there with there husbands and on the way home every time I cry my eyes out! I love this man more than anything else in my life...I just don't want to do this alone! I want him here to be with me through all of it!

He is going to take his R&R around my due date and I am trying to talk my doctor into inducing me because if he could be here during the birth I can make it throu! I can anyway its just that I don't want to...but I will!


bhertz88 bhertz88
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

Sweetie welocme to the Military life....I hope that things work out with dates for you on his R&R....generally you'll get 3-4 different dates of when he comes home before you see him. Enducing your labor may not be what the Docs will have planned for you. It's hard sweeite, and you may have to have the baby without him there...it will make you a very strong person though, and your hubby will be so PROUD of YOU!<br />
Hang in there! Here if you need someone to vent to!