What to Do

my husband is currently deployed in Iraq and its killing me Im trying so hard to be strong but its hard I didnt talk to him for 5 days which is to be expected but when we finally talked it wasnt a good conversation and I think he hung up on me its not fair cause its not like I can call him back then I start to think about a whole bunch of things.. All of this is driving me crazy I miss him so much I just want him with me I feel so alone without him I dont know what to do this is truly breaking my heart.

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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

yeah, you'll bug out from time to time, it's ok, healthy and normal! LOL!

thanks for the support !!<br />
He called me he said he didn't hang up on the phones are acting up out there and he tried a couple times to call me but it didn't go through I guess that's this whole deployment just has me bugging out

AAWWW Sweetie, he may not have hung up on you! There has been plenty of times that I was on the phone with the hubby, and out of nowhere he was gone...the phones SUCK overseas. Don't think the worse ok! STAY STRONG SWEETIE!<br />
I'm here for you!

i have no right to judge your husband, but he should have never hung up the phone. he should know that you cant call back and that you want to talk to him. it is hard. all the stress is prob just getting to him and he prob just doesnt know how to get rid of it. just talk to him next time he calls and talk things out. im sure everything will be fine. hang in there!