I Am Happy To Be Maried.

Before i think its just a wastage of time,been maried ,having kids ,having a husband etc. but I am wrong i have experienced a totally new world with him,he loves me a lot give me everything that i want, today i am satisfied ,have peace ,have everything.Now what i want to say tell me you people what next in my life.
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4 Responses Nov 9, 2010

james its not about satisfaction but its about life we r spending together and we r enjoing it the same is important we both r happy together u got that what i mean ,we pour and enjoy life a every second of it,thats the life not that what u think

Satisfaction is not the happiness in the sense of the bliss.If you do not afraid to hear the truth, the nex in your life will may be looking for the happiness by means of drugs, which you will experience to be but an illusion.You maybe are from a poor family not having experienced the satisfaction before in your life. After a while of being satisfied, you will feel the bordem of the satisfaction. But that is necessery to experienced that. Myself am living in Thailand, a poor country. Here all women are looking for a rich man from the western country in order to get the state of the satisfaction in their life. The women who had succes to marry a rich man are now mostly adicts to alcohol or other drugs. Having had experienced the satisfaction i am living now very very simple often not having any mony and not wanting any mony either. I am in the situation of a total bordem that i have to face.To be satisfied is no longer interesting to me.What i am looking for ist the unconditiond love that according to the saints can be only divine. I am happy that we are friend.

Wish you a prosperous future...!

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