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I'm a veterinarian and met my fiancé when he called me to see and have some tests taken from the horses of the mounted police of my city. He is a leutenient and also veterinarian. We had a nice work session so he asked me to test more horses from other city near, with him. In the way to this we started talking and laughing about common misconceptions about police officers. He said he had so much fun, and though: she at her age must be married, so be quiet! I made a joke about my past divorce and immediately he invited me to have a bike ride. The fun fact was, neither of us had bike! So we went buying one for each! He did not care our age difference (13 yr) nor even my two girls. We started dating, my girls now like him a lot, we are a very nice family, I started biking, the girls too, we go camping, hiking, we are planning to wait some more time to be really prepared and get married. We are happy, problems? What couple does not have?
Mvpauline Mvpauline
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I wouldn't marry the guy unless you're completely sure of who he is. I personally know if i was 40 and my girlfriend was 53 i'd probably be looking to get out of there. However thats just me. Which is why make sure you know the guy well enough.

Thanks for your words.... You can be right, that's why we are taking some time. We both know (me, more than him) there can be an "age issue" later. Right know we enjoy and live the present. I'm in pretty good shape and take very good care of me. After a "perfect couple" I though I was in my previous marriage I learned all couples have problems. Yes the future is somehow unclear in this situations and who knows, it could also be me the one who ends the relationship. Nobody can take any relationship for granted so we live the present !