I was married to a man nearly 17 years my junior. We were together for 7 years and married for four. Unfortunately it didn't work out for a variety of reasons, one of these being that we couldn't have kids although biologically it was still possible especially early in our relationship.
I am 48 in a couple of days and I have met a 27 year old man. I am absolutely besotted with him and he seemed to be about me but he is worried about the age difference and of course I can't blame him. We are hugely attracted to each other but he's obviously got reservations. I wish I could find men of my own age attractive but I just don't seem to meet any available ones and I don't exactly go out looking for younger men, I just meet more of them and they do seem to like me. Any advice would be great.
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My husband and I are 19 years different we have been together for 12 years. At 49 we were blessed with a baby. We are happy together. I was scared about the age difference for a long time. A friend of ours 3 years ago had 2 children 1 and 3 and she died in a car accident. It was horrible but it changed my outlook on a lot of things. We never know how long we will have on this earth so if you fall in love no matter what the age be happy you never know what tomorrow brings.

I would say, dont jump into the relationship just because you are attracted to him. Talk to him and listen to your gut. I was in love with an amazing guy who was 17 years younger than me and he was having reservations about the relationship and I brushed them off as i had stars in my eyes. The biggest mistake of my life. I got pregnant and the he felt it was too much to have a older wife + a kid. He told me he always had a issue with the age, that never went away. SO I would say Run as fast as you can.. Good luck.

I am sorry to hear that he did not stay after the baby. I was blessed from the start my boyfriend 19 years younger wanted to tell everyone about us. When we fell pregnant at 49 he was so happy and now 5 years later we are still in love and I am so happy that I stuck to it. Unlike your boyfriend I was the one afraid of the relationship.