Time Again

Again last night the husband was drunk. Instead of ignoring it and dealing with things as normal I threw a fit about him not getting up to help me put groceries away and for trying to pass out at the dinning room table. I yelled at him saying some pretty hatefully things and at some point took off my ring and threw it saying something about I didn't want to wear it anymore, out of anger of corse.

This morning before he left for work he talked to me and asked me to find my ring and to put it back on, that he is going to quit drinking yet again. Lately he has been more seriouse about wanting to and this will be the first time in awhile that he does try. I don't know if it was the fact that I said I'm not wearing my ring again till he's clean that made him decide to try and quit again or not.

I want to look and put my ring back on because without it I don't feel right or even me for that matter but I don't want to give in and put it on if what I said is the true reason he is going to get clean. I feel that I should follow threw this time to make it clear that this isn't the way of life expecialy for his children.

Today he has a cash job which worries me because it may be enough money to add to what I do have saved for rent so we can finely pay it but I worry something at work won't go right or he will decide his pay cheeck will be enough and buy alcohol on his way home from work and try to hide it like he always does. I really want to trust and believe in him this time. I guess some time this evening we will find out how seriouse he truly is this time.
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hello, I am relating to your story so much.

ijoined alanon to clear things up for me, a program for people who are affected by someone's drinking problems

i haven't gone to any yet, my husband has been going to out patient therapy a while and is in a rehab, he has been sober 2 months now. for him this long is wonderful. for 5 years he had been drinking himself to death. hes killed his liver and one more drink could litterly kill him or send him send him in the hospital on his death bed to wait for a transplant. hes still doing good and im very happy with how things are going for him and very proud of him.

Go. It will help, whether he is drinking or not. Even if he never drinks again it would still be worth going as it can help you heal the damage that has already been done.

sorry you have been going through this situation,,,hope things are going some what better for you now

You are very strong for having to deal w someone who is an alcoholic.. id probably stick to what you think worked. (removing your ring)seems to have been a wake up call for him..@ least when he demostrates to you hes working on being sober the ring can simply be put back on.. I wish you the best.:)

Thank you, it honestly has. Each day since he has only had one drink and has asked before doing

See good for you.. @ least hes trying but you know drinking becomes habit forming so he may need you as well as your children now more than ever to keep his mind off the bottle.. Life is short make it eventful.. :D