Husband Addicted To "spice"

My husband is addicted to smoking this legal "incense" called Spice (it goes under lots of other names).  He's been smoking for over a year.  He started smoking it because he couldn't smoke weed due to his job.  This substance is much worse than weed: it's more expensive, more addictive, more potent, and has a much greater effect on his mood.  When he is smoking he is high,and he is just kind of out of it and oblivious and unmotivated, but when he doesn't have it to smoke his mood is awful and also his mood swings are much more extreme than usual.  I have told him numerous times that I disapprove and why, but to no avail.  We recently had yet another fight about it, where I told him I though he had an addiction and that I needed him to quit.  He admitted he had a problem, but didn't go so far as to say that he'd quit.  He is still smoking and it is driving me crazy.  It bothers me that he hates his life so much that he doesn't want to really experience it.  He says it is work and stress from his father recently dying, but I can't talk myself out of thinking that his life at home must have something to do with it (since that is what he's actually "escaping").  It hurts and it makes me extremely sad and angry.  It's effecting my mood and making me weepy and short tempered.  I don't trust my husband to quit, and I know that addictions are tough things to kick.  But I don't think  he really wants to quit, so there seems to be little hope that he will.  I told him that I would only put up with it for so long, but we have a young daughter and I'm quite financially dependent on him.  I am frustrated, depressed, and desperate.  And, sadly, ever time he smokes I really feel like I hate him.  I hope it's just his addiction that I hate but it's just hard to even think something like that - it wasn't so long ago that I loved him so much that I couldn't bear to be away from him for even a few months.....
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sorry to hear what you're going through, i've recently quit spice, am on day 4 now, it' hard let me tell you.......but PLEASE LISTEN TO ME NOW.......soon he's guna reach his arm out out of fear, TRUST ME, he will soon do this, i promise you x

I'm going through the same with my boyfriend for the past 6years I used to have a problem along time ago with him I ended up quitting I only last very short time I got tried of it at some point and my health wasnt good.I hate to see him buying every other day in away I like to say he is better smoking weed cause he's not a mean and angry all the time. but he is addicted bad and me and my son has to see it all he wants to do is get up smoke, go to work, come home and smoke dont even like to go places for to long he is antisocial bad.I made changes in my life how come he cant?
I feel alone he says I pay for my stuff and this house you either suck it up or leave I have no where else to go!
I'm finally being brave enough to save money that he give me so I can leave soon I hope its soon.Im just affraid I will get my baby taken away because if him im tring to live by the law and do right I tell my son that.
I pray for changes everyday to happen thats positive he love us deep down I know he does he is an addict,its the drugs thats confusing his mind all to hell.I hate all drugs and what they do.

I recently got in a relationship with this guy I met online we were talking for a couple months before anything happen between us,now I'm living with him..I found out he smokes potpourri the first day( never knew about it) so I brushed it off since it wasn't an illegal drug...first couple of days when he was high he would slur his words ,move in a slow pace and just have a slow reaction to everything smh then he transformed on me he started changing his faces like he was a viscious animal, ran outside n kept running hollering that I was going to take his soul and that I put voodoo on him to get out of his mind...I've been researching and if I would've known about POPE I would've never started this relationship I've been with him a month 1/2 n don't know what to do. I have 2 children which are not currently with me but I plan on bringing them to stay with me l....I can't have this man around my children what if he gets a bad batch and freaks out Smh he gets aggressive, very easily agitated and very angry when he doesn't hhave it I've noticed....I just don't know what to ive only been with him a month 1/2 but I don't want him to think I'm coldhearted by just leaving n giving up on him but I don't think I can do this

Like u I am coping with the SAME issues but with my 20 yr old son I understand how your feeling Ifeel this way daily expressing my thoughts on it and nothing lazy dazy dirty just watching him smoke min after min day after day the mood swings all the above I feel that what i say its hopeless he already dianosed with ptsd and now this I swear I to feel like when he smokes I hate him I don't want to feel that I love my son but I don't see him quiting he smokes so much of it to almost like a crack head . I have a cousin who is 35 was addicted to it she explanded to me how its worse than herion. She said her body would go through withdraws bad she was pregnant and wanted to stop but the withdraws were horrible. She got help when she explained it on her veiw I now see him going through it sometimes I have to leave my own home cause I can't watch him complain at him walk around bitching picking up every mess please lord I need a miracle I'll pray for u and your family if I left he would sleep behind the goodwill stoned out of it I did this he was out of his mind on the streets 4 a yr

It's very easy to believe that if you are living with a drug addict that the responsibility lies in your hands. You believe that if you leave, they will self destruct. You believe that if you stay, they might change. The most important thing you can do is to leave. Force them to face up to reality of their addiction. Protect yourself and your kids. As long as you stay, you are buffeting them from reality. You are protecting them and allowing their addiction to continue, by making sure bills are paid, food is in the cupboards and all the other things that they can ignore in favour of drugs. If you live with a drug addict, you live like a drug addict. Legal highs are no different. The cycle of addiction is so powerful and you are, by staying, allowing yourself to be swept up into it. You might not use yourself, but you are still living the life. Why would anyone choose to live this way by choice? It will be the hardest thing you ever do, because you are walking away from someone who you believe needs you to help them. But he doesn't want your help. He wants drugs. He wants to obliterate himself, and he can do this because he knows you will pick up the pieces. I know this sounds harsh, but show yourself some respect and get out. Show him that you mean it by sticking to your word. Do not leave him money. Change your number. Take your kids. Protect yourself, because he is not going to change unless you leave. If he really loves you, he'll fight to get you back. I speak as someone who has done this before, and it was the hardest thing I had ever done. The person I left is still using, nearly 8 years on. I have met, remarried and had children with someone else in that time. You deserve better.

I hope that you are still on this husband has recently quit spice not by choice but by a total ban that finally went into effect. Please tell me that this anger and madness comes to an end. He wants to leave but with no money it is practically impossible. He has said he wants a divorce that he hates this house our dogs and he just wants to live in an apt by himself. I told him over and over to go to rehab but he just says its not possible (no money no desire no research on his part and he wouldn't listen to me even if I told him about it) Please tell me you have come out of this on the positive side!?

I'm 22 years old with no children, I'm dating a 32 man/father of 3 who has popped the question. We're so in love and passionate that it's hard for me to explain. When we first got together he told me he smoked "spice" every now and then, I didn't seem to mind because I was unaware of what spice was and I thought every now and then actually met every now and then I was wrong...he smokes every day all day, i have to beg him to stop. He gets so messed up that we will have a planned date was scheduled time and he'll forget, leaving me places for hours while in the mean time he has already been passed out for hours. Oh did I mention all of this is done with my money...he passes out along the side of the highway, he gets tickets and doesn't remember how... the thing that brother me the most is that he lies about it all. ... please just help me

My husband is 48 and after 30 years of him smoking weed he picked up this TRASH to pass drug tests. He nods off' does not shower doesn't sleep in bed with me cause he has to smoke every couple hours. I can't take it anymore. READY TO LEAVE sad so many years lost.

I'm going through the exact same thing .. my boyfriend smokes this crap called spice... his only 17 and on probation... so since he can't smoke weed due to the drug test his p.o does he smokes spice... I love him very much .. Ive cried and begged him to stop.. but doesn't listen :( his friends also smoke spice.. which is even worse because when my boyfriend has no money for spice his friends give him a bowl or two... my boyfriend recently went to juvy again for this drug.. was in there for about 2weeks.. came out and didn't smoke for about a month... untill now... he started again... I can't even talk to him because all he does is sleeps all DAY! And when he does wake up its because his gonna smoke... I'm so tired of it! I don't see the guy I fell inlove with anymore :( .... I dont know what to do...

i absolutely positively understand what you are going to my husband is also addicted to spice, even though he supposedly quit months ago. He thinks i'm a fool when he gets $20 worth of gas in a town 10 minutes away every single day. I think about leaving him every single day but we have 2 young children together who love their dad but so sad at this point I don't think I do. I look at him and hold on to the past before this addiction but that is long gone. I have nothing to hold on to I have been so depressed the thought of being stuck with him the rest of my life but accept life for what it is I chose in the beginning before we had kids to stick with an addict and be there for him and now three years later and he is still a addict and I fail to be his support system now who will support me.

Just wanted to let you know that my husband did eventually get clean, but I had to leave him twice and our relationship is still not totally recovered, but it did work out. I hope sincerely that it works out for you and your family.

hi this is tony im from pa im 24 iv had a BAD spice addiction for 3 years, hell i just borrowed $20 soi could get some this morning. i guess the point of wat im trying to get at is how do u put up with him, my gf does the same thing day in and out w've been together for ten years and shes about fed up with it

How do you put up with him? Love and the complexity of circumstance go a long way. Sometimes putting up with it is the only option. For me I dealt with it, badly, for about a year and a half. I didn't sleep well, I was constantly moody, I drank too much, I smoked cigarettes, I avoided my husband as much as I could while living with him, I begged and pleaded and tried to inform him about the risks he was taking. In the end I couldn't put up with it anymore and, while still loving him, I left. things slowly got better after that. I wish you luck.

I went trough that with my husband, he was hooked on spice for over two years, he finally stopped a few months ago when it became illegal in this state, I was so happy and thankful , I know he wouldn't stopped if it didn't become illegal , :/ those were the worst years of my life I tried everything to make him stopped but nothing worked , I'm glad it's on the past

I was addicted to spice for 3 years smoking 6 grams a day spending 50$ a day. It took my fiance getting pregnant in order for me to stop and I went threw tha worst withdrawal ever in my life. But I did it for my fiancé and my baby so it can be done. You jus have to let your husbands know that the withdraws only last about a week and start feeling to about 70% on day 3. You get better day by day. It's a very hard habit to kick but it can be done. I had to change my whole routine. I rearranged tha whole house to make it look like a different enviroment and that helped alot.

Wow my husband smoke that stuff and we have been together for three years and he wont stop. Had a child nope still does it. I don't know what to do. He won't do anything!!! Can't even change car little or mow the lawn. Without complaining or getting sick!! Like today for a example he mowed the lawn could t even do that without getting sick he so lazy!!!!

I know EXACTLY how you feel also. My fiancé smokes it when he gets up,before he goes to work,when he gets home from work....ETC. I have BEGGED,PLEADED,CRIED (You name it) I've even told him I would LEAVE if he does NOT STOP!!! All he says it that it relaxes him because of pressure he's under with things going on in his life. He's also told me he's not doing anything wrong. It hurts me to see him comotosed (however you spell it) I can't even carry on a simple convo with him I gotta get up & leave at times 'cause he makes no freakin sense!!!! I love & care about him very much but,I can't take no more. Someone PLEASE HELP ME!!! what should I do?!?

You put up with it for as long as you can, and then you leave. Plan it out well, stay with family or friends if you can. It doesn't always have to be forever but you have to do what is best for you at some point.

I don't know what you should do sweetie because I've had the same experience. My husband drives me nuts when he smokes spice and he can't speak properly. He sounds like a bad drunk or some crazy person. It makes me so angry that I just don't want to be in the same room with him. I'm constantly asking him to speak up and stop mumbling. It is infuriating! Especially since when he is sober he is a very intelligent man. I'm sorry you're going through this too.

I feel your pain. This is the new Crack I swear! My husband has pawned his wedding band, our laptop, anything he could his hands on!

Yea, theres a lot of us with the same problem huh. but Im the husband who changed, did everything his wife asked him to so she would come back home. I realized my wrongs, and for once my life was actually going to be doing good. Got the great job even though she took the car..spent hundreds on flowers shed just get annoyed over. Then come back with me in our bed(more often then before) but leave before i wake up. Argue and plead for a week.. then repeat. 5 months now after 8 years marrage. Till i found out while i was changing and giving her her :space: she started smoking the **** too and now is worse than i ever was on it Has to smoke so often, cant hide it from the 5 children..cause then she never see she selling and everything. All you wives who commented.. if u husbands would have done anything to get you back..maybe they just needed a wake up call. or did u leave and not look back. Either way there is nothing more vile and evil in this world than synthetic pot!!!

I am going through exactly the same thing. My husband met this guy a year ago at work, and since then he has become increasingly addicted. I've begged and pleaded with him to stop. I've changed my behavior thinking it was something I was doing to upset him. I've forbidden him to see this guy, but nothing seems to make him want to quit. I am 7 months pregnant with our first baby, and my husband is in the military. I don't know what else to do. I'm angry and confused, and I have no one to turn to without getting him in a lot of trouble. He constantly lies to me and finds excuses to leave the house so he can go smoke with this guy. This week he even started missing work for it. Three days. That's desertion. After receiving a message that he had yet again skipped out on a formation yesterday afternoon, I left work and drove to this guys house finding my husband there so completely messed up that he could hardly function. It was heartbreaking. I absolutely lost my mind which probably wasn't the best way to handle it, but I'm at the end of my rope. We fought and I yelled and I dragged him home, and we spent a very tearful evening together. And as the effects started to wear off, I felt like he was starting to understand what he was doing to not only himself, but to me and the baby as well. He eventually broke down. Once again he is promising to quit, but as I forced him to let me drive him to work this morning, he lit up another bowl right in front of me. He's past the point of wanting it. He needs it. He left the little box of spice and his bowl in my car, and I am struggling with the idea of throwing it in the trash. But I know this won't help. I'm afraid it will just make him go right back to the guy's house. I don't want to leave him. I want to help him. I know I can't make him stop. What do I do????

My husband started out in the military and was smoking it during our pregnancy. He is now no longer in the military he was discharged for drugs. I wish I had someone tell me to run so im telling you it doesn't stop its been 3 years and nothing has changed and I have 2 kids now so run please he will lie and do anything to smoke it.

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respectMy husband is in the Military now - getting kicked out in the next few weeks because of this awful drug. I've wasted 4 yrs of my life and am now pregnant with baby #3- three sons. I have no option anymore but to leave, for a better life for my sons and myself. Its not the job, its not just a "phase", its not just one last time, its an addiction. He will not stop, the only thing to do is get some counseling so you can start to learn how to take care of yourself and your kids (if you have any). He's not doing it to purpose to "hurt" you, its hard to take a step back and look at it for what it is and that is -his problem. NOT yours. Its his addiction, and his bad choices that affect all the people around him. Leaving does not mean you don't love or care for his well being, its quite the opposite I feel, but you can't allow the drug to drag him and you and your kids down with it because it will. You cannot take the responsibility for his drug use, you cannot control it, you cannot guilt him out of doing it or give him ultimatums to stop, this will only drive his need to hide his feelings of guilt and depression in the drug even more. Professional counseling for the "co-dependent" was a great help in my life and gave me the strength to get off the drug wagon he is on. I find great comfort in knowing that I can end the bad feelings when I choose to and not be controlled by his drug use anymore. I highly recommend finding a counselor that deals with drug addiction and co-dependence. He will only truly stop when HE is ready to, otherwise he will continue to lie and hide it. Its the same with any addiction really - the addict has to realize it is a problem and have the drive to want to stop. I have gone through 4 years of pretty much everything listed on these boards, he even got so high one day he lost his mind and got confused put his hands on me in front of our children and spent a night in jail because of it, and it still didn't bring him into reality. It became my fault for having to call the cops and "get him in trouble" and that's when it hit me that he's just not the same man anymore. He needed help I just could not provide BUT I can get help for my myself and my kids and wish him the best of luck and that he finds help and gets himself better. He is a very special person and that what makes it so hard, but living in the past of what used to be can be dangerous if what he is today is a drug addict.

I am also going through the same thing and I am 9 months pregnant. My husband starting smoking while he is at work and I'm terrified he is going to lose his job because he gets so messed up from this crap. It's ruining our lives and I don't know what to do. He told me he was going to quit and did for a few days, but now we are back at square one. I HATE DRUGS and only a selfish bastard would do this to someone about to give birth in less than a week. What the hell am I to do??!?!?!

I am going through the exact same thing as well. My husband and I have only been married a few months but had been dating for 3 years prior. We have 2 little girls and all he ever wants to do is smoke..when he has it, he's super happy and friendly but when he doesn't, he's a completely different person. It's like night and day. We barely have the money as it is - I keep telling him I can't put up with it any longer but the last thing I want is divorce. It's so bad that I can't even carry a conversation with him if he doesn't have any. I don't know what to do anymore...

my son is 30 years he smokes spice he turns from dr. jackal to mr. hide. there is nothing you can do to save them. He turn on all of us, I feel my son is no more my son. run away save yourself. maybe they will change when you leave.

for 2 years i have been smoking spice, for 2 years i have been making this drug for you people, today i say no more i look at the tragedy's and problems, yes i have made millions of dollars and spent it all just to smoke myself and keeping family high, NOW everyone quits around me because i have made them, i cut off there access but what about me i have 6 kids a great home could have a better family experience with my family if i can get away from it! Now to say i have 6000 dollars in bills a month a hell of alot to worry about and i am always paranoid this has been my only means of income for 2 years now i feel stupid and dont even know if i can hold a job. What could i do well in my defense i am going to take my actions experiences and knowledge and educate young innocent minds to stay away from this stuff, I am sitting here now pipe beside me and crying! what do i do? this stuff is very evil my friends. Trust your maker! today i make this first step towards quitting. please pray for me. god knows who your are talking about~

Why would anyone pray for you? You are PURE EVIL. YOU have made me depressed for the past year. YOUR ******* DRUG is making me go crazy and i haven't smoked it in a ******* YEAR, am i forever going to feel like a pile of ****. I'M only 18 and i want to ******* die from this ****** drug. I truly hope you burn in hell for letting all these teens smoke this drug and actually thinking it was synthetic marijuana. This is nothing like marijuana, it's a terrible drug and you made it just so you can live in a big house and drive a nice car. Enjoy yourself and please keep smoking spice.

Hey I'll pray for your mercy and forgiveness but you can be a huge help to us man my fiance has been doing all the things I've read above I have a child with him and one on the way he has lost two jobs in the past month and I have no idea what we are going to do

You need to speak out at your shop in public and online make it clear how horrible this drug is the right thing to do is go give information about it to appropriate resources I pray God touches your heart and you take the initiative to take me seriously and fix what you helped break

I have the same problem he Constantly lying to me about he's not going to biy anymore, we have twins on the way and barely making it and he blows all his money on spice that sometimes we have no gas money. I can't handle it anymore and im glad im not the only one going through this, I hope things get better for you.

i have the same problem my fiance is smoking it still even after it put him in icu just a few short days ago and he doesnt seem to care that him smoking it hurts not only him but our family. he hasnt worked in 4 weeks our phone is off and our daughter is due in 6 weeks or less. what do i do

I am going through the same thing. I love my husband but feel I hate him when he is high. Which is now 90% of the time. This started about 3 years ago. He was smoking spice occasionally and in July of 2010 we lost his brother, who was his best friend. He dealt with it the best I think he knew how. He still only smoked occasionally, it was not until almost a year later that this disgusting drug has taken him over. He is unmotivated, can hardly talk when he is on it. He got clean for about a month in Feb of this year, but he went right back to it. We have 2 small children and I am over this, however, I too am financially dependent on him. I am so very sick of this. I am just negative about everything right now. This is affecting my character very much. I say such mean things to him...I just do not know what else to do. I have cried, begged, pleaded. He can go a few days without it. So I know he CAN quit. But he just does not seem to really want to. I believe since he can go days without it, he can quit, but just chooses not to. We have gone through all of our money. He lost the best career opportunity he has had in our 8 years of marriage to this crap!!!! I am fed up! No one really understands. My friends husband was hooked, but he quit, so now she can not relate!

My boyfriend is also addicted to that crap... I really don't know what to do but I'm making him move out next week... not much else I can do. You can't change an addict they have to do that themselves

I'm so glad that I found these posts but its unfortunate that they're here. I'm in the same position as mostly everyone here except I've finally left with our 2 year old and 4 month old with nothing but the clothes on our backs. I can't believe how this thosesubstance can change someone 100%. We used to have fun as a family doing family things but those days are gone along with our home and anything of value that has been sold or pawned in is order to support his habit. My bf made over 35 grand last year and there is nothing to show for it besides empty packages. His tantrums and violent outbursts towards me in front of our kids is what forced me to leave.its been a scary process and still is but it has to be better than what it was.i wish him the best and hope the man I fell in love with comes back to me one day clean and sober and finally admitting what he was doing was

My husband is addicted to spice too and we are no longer togeather. He pawned everything we have that was worth anyything. He got to the point where he stole his dads wallet,stole from my purse and tried to steal from his kids. He is angry all the time unless he has smoke and refuses to get help. The last straw was when he became crazed from not having any spice and chaced me up the street barefoot in pajama bottoms. It was 114 degrees and he burned his feet. He was desperate for money that I didnt have. He even hit me. The point is I can't make him stop smoking, I can't make him seek help or get treatment. Its his choice. Until Your husband chooses to get help and quit your life and his actions will only get worse. You have to do what's right for you and your child. This isn't your fault and you are not alone.

I am 26, I have an 8 year old and a 4 year old. My boyfriend is 40 years old and we have been together 3 years. After a year of dating, I moved a hour and a half away from my family and moved in with him. He insisted that instead of working I return to school to get my degree so I can achieve a good job to support my children if anything ever happened. I agreed since I had wanted to be able to go to school but made it clear I would be more than willing to work. He makes good money at his job and he was a great boyfriend and father figure. For the past 3 months he has started smoking this stuff. He hid it from me and when he was caught I confronted him. I didn't want to have someone doing drugs around me or the kids, and this stuff has radically changed him. He is moody, aggressive, defensive, and slightly moronic when he is high. He says its a "functional" high, but he seems not to remember what hes doing, his family which he used to say he does everything for has became a backdrop, and his world seems to revolve around buying and smoking his stuff. He snaps at me for everything, seems to think I have an ulterior motive in every action and word that I do or say, and has recently accused me of being a "gold digger", not doing anything for him, and that until I am paying the mortgage I have no say in our life, his decisions, or anything else. So I said I would be getting a job and he immediately started to say I need to finish school and not worry about it. I am frustrated, upset, I feel like crap because Im constantly on the offense trying to dodge verbal attacks and put downs. I have lost 30 lbs and hardly sleep due to stress. I love the man I started this life with, but I don't know this stranger. How can I help someone who doesnt think he has a problem? How do I get my life and confidence back from someone who defends this stuff like its his child? I don't want to leave him but it seems increasingly like the only option, and with me not finished with school, no job, and two kids, I feel like a failure and like I wasted my time, the kid's time, and his. He says he loves me, but he loves that more, and I believe half the time that he cant even stand me. I am so lost. I didnt even know this stuff existed, and now because of a so called "friend" I am loosing my family. Can anyone give me some advice?

I'm so sorry for your situation. You need to know that you are not alone - many people are going through this exact thing! Also you need to know that people can and do get though this. You need to always be totally honest with your boyfriend, and try, even though it's hard, to keep calm when you are talking to him about how you feel about his addiction. If he is totally unresponsive, and especially if he becomes verbally or physically abusive leave if you can. Sometimes being left alone, and the horrible feeling of losing something important to you can help addicts to re-prioritize in the long run. Quitting is not easy, but it is possible. But you can't do it for him, you can only look out for yourself and your children. Do what is best for you. Good luck.

I am going through the EXACT SAME THING with my husband. We have two small children together and i work, but alot of our finances are from him. I know that i will get child support, but it scares me to know that i will havw to find another home dor me and our boys and not knowing what is going on if/when he has them on certain days when we get separated. I am so tired of him telling me that i am cheating on him and that is why im "mean to him." When really its bc i hate him when he is high, which is every second of every day when he is not working.

I am 20 my boyfriend is 21 and we have a 14 month old little boy. My boyfriend has always seemed to have battled 'addictions' whether it be consistently drinking, smoking, etc. he was put on Ard and not able to smoke weed so he started smoking spice. It smells horrible, I don't want it anywhere near my child. If he doesn't get to smoke he is so mean and irritated and will always leave the house to go find some. I've threatened him so many times but I am unfortunately stuck in a lease with him and am financially dependent on him ATM. I dot know what to do anymore or where to turn..

My husband and I are a young couple. He is 19 im 24. He smokes spice, I do not. We have one child who is 2 and one due in the next month or 2. Our oldest is my biological son but not his while our new one is. He works alot and isnt home much. When he is home he is always disappearing for hours at a time on "walks" he says. But when he shows back up he is staggering, eyes are red, laughs at everything...just out of it. We have had conversations about him smoking it in the past and everytime it ends in him promising to quit, tossing all his stuff in the trash. Over time he went from being happy, always spending time with us to taking long walks, driving off for hours or just oblivious to our existence. I hint at the behavior, saying he looks upset or even high and he denies it. Just recently he came home for a week straight staggering, speach slurred, clumsy as can be so i told him he needed to go to the doctor. This being my way of seeing if he quit for real or not. Of course he refused so I threatened to call an ambulance to get him because his behavior was scaring me and the baby. He got all upset saying not to, saying it was medicine for a bad tooth ache and he was just tired. After that I knew he hadnt quit. We talked about it and he had no choice but to admit it when i found the pipe in his hand. This has happened many times since then.I just dont know what to do or who to turn to. I want him to stop and he admits to being addicted but even when I take the money he finds a way. I love him so much but I cannot bring a new baby home to this. It depresses me because it makes me feel as if me and the kids are not important to him. I dont want to leave but im starting to wonder if thats the only thing left to do. Maybe I can get my point across that way. I wish everyone the best of luck, hope all of our luck changes and we can all get in a better place with this.

My husband has been smoking spice for almost 2 years now and admits he is extremely addicted to it. He can spend upwards of $400 a month on his habit. We are a one-income household (with me working to pay the bills) and have two small children. I am now facing the possibility of having to separate my husband from the family he loves because I cannot and will not finance his habit. He has tried several times to quit and each ends up the same - after a day or two of terrible withdrawal symptoms of chills, sweats, nausea and irritability - he buys another bag and lights up. I'm at my wits end and do not want to lose my husband but I cannot sit back and watch him continue to destroy his life. Smoking spice has caused many health issues that he tries to believe were all there before spice. I've read other testimonials of those addicted or recovering from their addiction to spice and want to help my husband be the man I used to know instead of the stranger he is today. I have no family or friends I can reach out to for support and have no other options available. I am welcome to any stories of triumph in beating the addiction in hopes of one last try before I have to take my daughters and walk away.

Thank you for sharing your story... I also have a terrible resentment and hatred for him for all of the choices he has made and hope that he will choose his family over his addiction.

I am, like many of you, addicted to spice. I am 17 years old and first smoked it when I was 15. I couldn't risk smoking weed because my school "randomly" drug tests and if you test positive for THC you get into a hell lot of trouble. So anyway a friend that goes to my high school, Seamus, told me about this "spice" one day in religion class, how ironic. I then pursued spice and continuously asked Seamus questions about it like "Where do I buy it?" and "Do I have to show ID?" and "How does it make you feel?". Seamus also assured me that it was totally not harmful, but it was obvious that he wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. Anyway, the gas station not even a mile from my house sold it, a huge variety. I first bought this **** called "Space Cadet" and man did I love it. It was the longest lasting spice I have ever smoked. I found myself a "spice buddy" and she loved it too. I began smoking more and more because I thought "Hey, why not! Its not gonna show up on a drug test so I'll just smoke as much as I want, however often I want!" This was in 10th grade. Summer rolled around and I turned back to weed. However, if someone had spice at a party I would gladly smoke it with them. This is when my memory starts to fade. I can not recall from Summer 2012 to about winter of 2013. My spice addiction had skyrocketed and I chose to deny it. I had friends all around me telling me that it was so bad for you and causes so many internal problems but I would always respond with "Where's the evidence? There are no scientific studies that show the long term effects of spice." Well of course there isn't because spice hasn't existed that long for scientist to study it for 20 to 30 years of use. I started to take the spice in the bathroom with me when I would shower. I stayed up until 2 or 3 o'clock every night smoking and smoking and smoking. I wouldn't even wait for the high to wear off, I would just continuously puff and puff. I had a bag with all the things I needed to smoke spice, and it didn't smell so I could get away with it almost anywhere. I would sit in my room for 2 hours every night while my parents were sleeping and just smoke out my window. I wish I had never even touched this drug to be honest. As of recently, I met this girl and fell head over heals for her. Our relationship is really advancing now, and she has bipolar disorder so she really can not do any kind of drugs because that will just make her even worse off. She used to smoke spice with me, but had stopped because she loves to sing and we all know spice does not do the lungs or throat ANY good. She advised me to stop. When I do it she gets very emotional because she realizes how bad it is for you. A few weeks ago I realized that I NEEDED to stop. I had off of school that day and I woke up and had a text from a friend named Maria. After chit chatting a bit she mentioned something like "OMG I am so high" and that made me jealous because I can not smoke weed. However, her mentioning of being high persuaded me to "Wake and bake". I grabbed the spice from my hidden spot in my room air conditioner and quickly made a tin foil pipe. I packed the pipe and lit up and was immediately high on the first exhale but continued to take one or two more hits. However, this time was different. I had a 3 gram bag, half full, so that's about 1.5 grams when I started smoking that day. I sat on the floor for 6 hours, not recollecting much of it, and smoked the entire bag, not all at once, but throughout the 6 hours. The sad part is I dont remember smoking that much at all! That was a huge wake up call for me and I realized I had to stop, but I had thought that many times before and had tried to stop but soon enough I found myself biking up to the gas station with $15 in my pocket fiending to light up "just one more time" but that was never the case. Just yesterday I biked up to the gas station with $21 in my pocket, treating myself to a high grade of spice this time. It's like when I buy or smoke spice I am not even thinking about myself or who I really am. Nothing around my really matters except for getting high. As for the long term effects, I can feel them developing already. I used to be a relatively happy guy, but now I am ALWAYS on the edge and have found myself very depressed in the last 8 or 9 months. I have also noticed a complete appetite change, I barely ever eat and I absolutely hate it. I have weighed the same for 14 months now. I can never fall asleep. My concentration level had depleted immensely. I feel as if my stupidity level has risen as well. I now have to try much harder in school to achieve an A average. My lexicon has diminished and motor skills have slowed. Sometimes I catch myself slurring words. My parents have noticed a complete shift in my attitude for schoolwork. I used to be a straight A honors student. Now I am still an honors student, but am content with Bs and Cs. Spice, overall, has changed me as a person and there's nothing I can do about it now besides try my best to quit. My parents have no idea and I don't intend them on having an idea, but I sort of do so I can get profesional help rather than just helping myself. I realize that addiction is way more powerful than I ever thought it to be. I really hope I have not done too much damage by now and I really do want to never touch it again. However, addiction runs in my family, alcoholism and oxycodone mostly, and I'm afraid I wont be able to face the battle by myself. This **** should be made ILLEGAL immediately. I honestly don't know how the men at the gas station can sell this **** to kids and young adults KNOWING it RUINS people's lives! Hopefully I can accomplish this goal on my own and hopefully everyone posting on this page can do the same!

You sound like an intelligent person, who genuinely wants to change their life, and you are so young! You can get past this! Use all support systems at your disposal. Be honest with the people around you. I know you don't want your parents to know, but lying about your addiction is part of allowing yourself to use. Doing the hard thing and facing things openly, not giving yourself anywhere to hide is important. Also if you could find a support group, or therapist to talk to, that will help too. I sincerely hope you break the hold that this drug has on you!

I have good news and bad news for you. You are still alive and you can still think enough to maintain grades. You Have Not become the worst of those found within the addicted category. Like you addiction runs in my blood, and at first I would only use 3g a month and didnt even buy it, but as more time was available more time was used to feed this addiction. it is deceptive because at first it isnt addicting, but after enough time passes it becomes more and more a part of your life until it is more important than Anything. it sucks that this has been legal for so long and ruined so many lives, but lets be clear we are to blame in the sense that we ignored the clear fact that we were becoming hooked, and it was worse than made out to be. I had a terrible experience towards the time when i quit in which I smoked in my room in my closet(both of which smelled of smoke by now) for two days straight. it is like they say you don't realize this zombie bowl after bowl smoking habit you are partaking in. I am a fairly responsive boyfriend and have been with an amazing girl for close to five years. This relationship is the most important thing in my world, and for those two days she couldn't reach zombie me. She had no idea that I was smoking and out of concern she came to my house the morning of the third day. I heard the door bell and the door answered, but just sat there in my stupor. Then to my dismay my door handle turned and she walked in to seeing me sit there by the evidence in my closet. How out of it must I have been :/... I have never seen someone look so shocked and sad and the fact that I caused that will haunt me for years. At that point I finally hit the inevitable rock bottom. I am not a person who believes you have to send your life to hell to quit though. You just truly have to nut up and find your sense of pride for what you desire in this life. Sitting there numb to everything has no benefit, and that money can be enjoyed in much healthier ways (hell maybe even some junk food if you need a guilty pleasure). My point is that I was smoking about 5 to 6 grams a day and i have never been addicted to anything else despite what I have tried so realize that spice is just about as addicting as it gets. It is tempting to pass the buck and blame guys like "pastevil" or the guy at the corner store, but we are the masters of our universe and they are not putting your money in their pocket. It is crappy that they sell it, but once you know it is not good for your life you are responsible in acting on that new information. I went through hellish withdraws, but I am clean now and can say no when it is offered (although it is still tempting). No one ever found out how addicted I was and as a matter of fact no one ever will. I didn't think shattering my self image or a professional could force my hand anymore than my awareness of my problem. I see potential in you so do me a favor. Grab a lock box and when you get money put it in their label that box "FMP" so no one knows what it means. It means for my past for my present for my problem. when you make that your reminder and you see all the money and time you would have wasted on this addiction piling up for your future it will make saying no and saving your life a lot easier. the further you get from the addiction the clearer it gets that you are making the right choice in avoiding it. I will pray for you, and let you know that I have complete confidence that you can stop like I did. It is hard, but the logic of stopping gives you a sense of peace in quitting. Trust me addiction, as you have seen, is devious, and the fact that your life didn't have to go to hell for you to accept that fact is well worth any negative emotions to come.

I've smoked spice everyday for about five years, when someone smokes spice while they are on it they are a zombie and don't want to admit it, it's cheaper than weed now adays with all the one hitter quitters out there. People that can get addicted to spice don't actually get addicted to the drug, but the instant high feeling all day long, people like this will get off and can now turn anything into an addiction.

thanks to the author now I feel exactly the same way. My husband is 32 we have 2 kids and he just loves smoking weed but because test can show and it is very illegal in my country. So couple of month ago what happened is that my husband used to get problem with the liver so he would be so slow barely speak and would throw up sometimes but it would go away in hours or so, so he was blaming it on liver so i believed him cause I had no ideas about this spice thing. He would also say that because of the sleeping very little (he sits by computer all the time) and sleeps around 3-4 hours he would blame this situation on that.

so Yesterday I got up at 4 am and he was in the same condition, he could barely speak. So i started really yelling at him I got so mad because it been a while I have suspicion that he is smoking spice. So I started looking in his jacket and I found two packs of spice and one was open.

So he still swears that it is not his but it is so hard to believe him because all the facts speak against him. and we have 2 kids together and I really believe that we have good life. But he hates is work and blames the stress on it. So finally I 've almost decided to get divorce but it is so hard for me because I love him and other than this he is wonderful husband and we are really happy together. So I ordered test against this thing and can't wait to receive them and let's see maybe, he is telling the truth maybe this 1% that I have doubt in myself that I might be wrong can be real. I don't know what to do... Good luck to everyone who is bearing with this stuff.

My husband started smoking spice about two years ago. We have both been heavy drinkers and initially I would smoke it with him. It was kinda fun for a while. I started to have some really dangerous side effects and decided to quit. I've been off it for a few months we have both cut way back on alcohol. He hardly ever drinks. I think he is using the spice to replace the alcohol. Because he had a few stays in the hospital do to pancreatitis which is caused from drinking and is extremely painful. He sleeps in the living room now. I'm sure its so he can wake up through out the night to smoke. I think he has spent about 30,000.00 this year. I am angry at him all the time. He says he will quit but he never does. I can smell it through the house. I'm sure its not good to be breathing it in. He is very inconsiderate about it. I don't understand why he doesn't have the will to quit. He has insomnia, body aches, cold all the time, he gets nauseous, sometimes he throws up, he's a little more moody. I am so miserable. I just can't understand how he can have so little concern for himself or others. I keep thinking he will have a bad reaction like some of the ones I had and it will be enough to make him quit. This is a powerful drug. It took several dangerous episodes before I had the determination not to touch it. Even after i detoxed , which i did while he was out of town, i would see his roaches laying around and be tempted. A couple times i actually even took a couple puffs and instantly realized why i had quit. Now i see it and it just disgusts me, thank god. The with drawl is very unpleasant to say the least. It lasted about 5 days for the physical part. I have sunk into a deep depression. I have just recently started medication because I was beginning to scare myself. Going to bed crying and waking up crying. I am starting to hate him. I think I will pray for him every day. Maybe divine intervention is the only answer. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless

I'm going through this. My husband didnt smoke this when we got married.. I was pregnant an things were great. Since I had our son 3 months ago he spends most his time in his truck getting high. Iv begged and pleaded for him to stop..nothing has changed.. I don't know what to do... I have even threatened to leave but doesn't seem to do a thing. I feel so desperate for help with the baby. But mostly just for my husband back. Since he started smoking I feel like his attraction for me has disappeared. Most nights ill be in bed by the time he comes inside and he just rolls the other way instead of trying to hold me... I don't know what to do anymore.... Iv been feeling depressed as ever and it's as if he doesn't notice.... What to do???

If you are going thru addiction, you are not alone. To quit, you have to fully commit and stay as far away from it as possible. I've smoked almost every blend in my state, I am now at a stage where spice (K3) and marijuana (chronic, kush, dro/hydroponics) have little to no affect on me, I started to realize it about 2 weeks ago when I domed a 5g bag of black voodo to myself and once I was out was quite pissed with myself and the supplier. I'm 2 days without it and sick as dog ****, I've heard after 4 days the withdraw symptoms are a lot less mild. Me and my brother have literally dumped over 8,000$ on this spice bullshit. It's not natural, it's VERY unhealthy and highly addictive, no one even knows what the **** it's doing in the long run. Spice will make you sick, stupider, have Dulled senses and odd unnatural bowel movements, impaired speech and though process, higher blood pressure and heart rate, MASSIVE headaches and body aches, anxiety/paranoia, stress/depression and awful mood swings, withdrawal from friends family and the outside world, loss of appetite, lack of self concern and care, lack of self control discipline, cranky/moody, and even lose who you are... One of my bestfriends brothers lost himself cause of it and ended up in a mental institute for 6 months, he started hearing voices, picking a fight with everyone and anyone over slight ordeals, being Extremly suicidal when he didn't have anything (even asked me to kill him) an I haven't seen him since. If you are thinking about quiting, don't just think about it, DO IT! It will change your life, in other words, let you get you'r life back together. I've smoked it for 2 years and I'm calling it quits... It's a NASTY loophole/habit. If your considering trying it, DON'T, it will be the dumbest mistake of your life. It's a life controlling substance, before I started smoking it I smoked weed for 3 years, never once did I crave it. Cause of this **** I pawned half of my **** just to have a bag for a day... Please, don't make the mistakes thousands of people have... It shreds your lungs to Peices and causes organ failure.... If you smoke it. You must have a death wish, trust me, I did to...

I am 20 years old and a group of my young friends have been smoking spice for a couple years now and it's just gotten heavier and heavier...they all look like zombies drooling on themselves and screwing up sentences, sometimes can't even finish a sentence. They are quick to be defensive and aggressive, admit they have a problem but fiend so bad whenever they try to quit it never lasts more than a day, and they have absolutely no sense of value or motivation for life anymore. My boyfriend had a seizure once from just one hit (thank goodness he took my advice and hasn't touched it since)! It seems so hopeless...3 days ago one of these boys took his own life. He had been experiencing a rough patch in his life but was a smart guy and had really good friends, we were ALWAYS there for anything he needed (VERY tight knit group, blood couldn't bring us any closer) and normally would have came to one of us but since his mind was in a whole different reality I suppose the hopeless desperate feelings just overwhelmed him and I lost a damn good friend. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT THIS BEFORE ALL OF MY FRIENDS DIE?! I hate to focus any energy on this but if it's possible I want to react, FAST, and prevent this from happening to anyone else!!!!!!

I've been smoking spice 1-5grams everyday for the past 2 years. 3 days ago I decided I had enough and couldn't continue down that path anymore. Today is day 3 for me being sober from spice. Here is what I have gone through so far (for anyone ready to quit spice cold turkey[only way to do it] so you know what to expect) DAY 1: Feining really bad, body aches, couldn't get to sleep or stay asleep, more feining, shaking, stomach pains...DAY 2: FIENING really bad, extreme shaking, stomach aches, liquid sh**s, fiening more(talking myself down) went to sleep fine. DAY 3: some feining but not as bad, liquid sh**s, chest pain, depression...tomorrow will be day 4 for me and I hope and pray to god I can keep this up and never touch this stuff ever again. Take it from me, DO NOT DO THIS STUFF IT IS PURE EVIL

I'm a spice addict I can admit that now. Just over a year ago I was introduced to this stuff, having been a pot smoker for a little while i thought I'd try something new. And do I wish now I never had.
This high of spice 'K2' was a lot more strong than cannabis and it would only last 20mins. So I could get on with things after I had a smoke. But because of the short lasting high, that's why I find it so additive. To start with I thought this stuff was better and cheaper, but it's not. As this year would progress I find myself cravings for zoots more and more and on a daily basis. And even though I'd say to myself I never wana smoke spice again, I'd find my self doing it the next night without even thinking. Recently Iv turned into a ghost. Everyone morning I'd ache so much that I'd have zero energy to move & struggle so much to get out of bed & I often fail to turn up to work. Recently Iv noticed the long effects of this ****. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I constantly feel dumb, I struggle with my sentences, I stutter and previously this would never happen, I used to be a confident cheeky chappy but now I just feel deluded lost and desperate. I can manage to go a day or two without the stuff but only when I'm distracted by being busy & have cigarettes still. Sleeping is the worse part of it all, it would take me a couple of hours to finally managed to sleep but after them hours I'd wake up in cold sweat. It's a bloody weird sensation because you'd be hot and sweating but freezing at the same time. I just feel ill at the moment by being on this stuff. And feeling like I'm smoking my future away. I need help to come clean, I want to come clean but it so hard when all your friends around you smoke it and its so easy to get, just walk into a corner shop & walk out. I want to go cold turkey but as long as that shop is open and I have money the temptation is always going to be there. Someone help me, any advice would be the best advice for me. Thanks for reading

Wanting to quit is a great first step. I wish I had some great advice for you, but I don't. If all your friends smoke too, then maybe try hanging out with them less, let them know why. Find a support of some sort - a clean friend, family, a support group like NA, a therapist - someone to give you encouragement. Don't let depression get to you - you'll have enough problems with withdrawl, just give yourself a break with all the guilt stuff and find a way to believe that you are worth more than smoking your life way - support yourself. A relapse is not the end of the world, and it's not the end of trying to quit. Put your head down and power through, after a few days the withdrawl will get better and in a few weeks thinkgs will get so much easier. Find ways to distract yourself, work on hobbies, adopt new ones. Focus on going to work, eating, going to sleep, feeling healthy. I hope you do the hard work of quitting, you'll feel so much better after you do. I wish you the best of luck!

Man this is crazy! I am in a new relationship with a guy that I am completely in love with. I've never felt this way about anyone. Then about a month ago my boyfriend started smoking incense. He was suppose to meet me and my daughters to play putt putt and never showed or called. I got really concerned and the next day he told me he had been smoking all day and was ashamed and guilty.....but then he just keep doing it...and hasn't stopped since. I even have done it with him, because I wanted to know what was soooo special about it that he would risk our relationship, his job, his place in his band. I feel totally lost. He is to the point he wakes up every hour after he goes to bed to smoke this stuff. He is a christian and in a christian band. He has since completely stopped going to church and we haven't had one date together.....all he wants to do is sit alone, in the dark, and get high. I told him last night how heartbreaking this is for me and he sincerely said he was sorry and that he loves me.....even asked me not to leave him. I don't want to lose him either, but I don't know what to do to help him stop. This isn't the man I started a relationship with and I feel like I'm drowning. This is totally breaking my heart. I am starting to resent him for it.....he admits he is an addict, and admits he knows this is hurting him and us, he also says he hates how it makes him feel....but he's not stopping? I can't wrap my head around that?

I know exactly what you're going through. I'm 22 and ive been with my boyfriend for five years and he's always lied to me about smoking weed in the past because he knew how much i hated it. So one day we decided to be honest with each other about it and i decided to be a little more opened minded about him smoking, little did I know he was smoking all day everyday. I don't agree with that, i just don't believe that's living an honest lifestyle and he doesn't understand that. So now since he has a job he is smoking that spice stuff all day and throwing up all the time and hes super lazy. Hes just a different person and I also feel like i hate him too and I feel trapped in this relationship. I've told him I don't like it, its gross, but I think hes just a really selfish person who constantly wants to remain stoned, and he probably has really low self esteem but he doesnt talk to me about it. It really hurts me that he won't quit because he's knows my father is an alcoholic and now he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Its strange how similar our stories are, I hope I've helped you in some way.

When i read this .. i thought that i had written it... i dont know what to do about it either.. he spends literally our last dime on it.. i feel the same way when he smokes and its like he only loves me when he is high.. i am on the exact same page Hrobsongriffin.. hopefully your husband has gave it up.. mine continues.. and refuses help.. he throws up everymorning and talks in his sleep everynight now.. i wish there was a solution.. i have even emailed high ranks in congress about making it illegal.. i dunno .. god bless you girl.... hang in there

Oh my goodness I was brought to tears with all these stories. I really thought That I was the only one going through this. I have been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years and he has been smoking this for over a year 1/2. It has driving me so far from him I HATE IT!!!! I used to smoke it with him for like 3 months when he introduced me to it I could not stand it, it made me feel so weird I thought I was losing my mind, I could not grasp reality and after expense this horrible feeling at work (IN A HOSPITAL) I decided that my brain and mental health was worth way more than the 10 minute high. Unfortunately he hasn't. He turns into a zombie, there but not there, he is pathetic, he crawls on the floor for over an hour OR MORE picking up things that look like it might be it so he can smoke it, will sit in the bathroom forever smoking it, he'll scrap the bowl for rasin till the damn thing breaks. I make my disapproval WELL known I tell him that every puff he takes drives me away and he'll just toke away, When he smokes it he spends no time with me and when he is around me he can't even talk properly. He's never had a real job and we are supposed to be getting a place together and saving money but he has spend every last dime on this crap. Even on Christmas I received NOTHING not even a card he had gotten over $100 to get me something and spent every last penny on spice. He ruined Christmas for me because he was smoking it and i spent it sitting alone on my phone because he was again too high to even talk to me. even now as I write this we just had ANOTHER fight and he's outside smoking it. NOTHING I say makes him stop. and when he is out of it he has mood swings out the *** and they are worse and worse. I can't even count how many times he has said He'd stop and that he wasn't messing with it yet low and behold he is at it again, lying to me, spending money we don't have. I never thought something like this would come in between us and i read these stories and i see that a lot of you have husbands addicted to this stuff and you guys have KIDS!!! CHILDREN!!! I do not want 2-3 years from now and still have this same story, singing this same song. I am so angry and hurt and worried. I am at my rops end with this. It has tore me apart and yet he says "i'm not even doing anything wrong" He'll make me feel like I am out of line to be so emotional about it that is why i googled it and came across this. Should I leave? Should I just count my losses and go on with my life because at this point NOTHING is going to change his mind and i am getting more and more irritable, my temper is getting shorter, and I keep hurting more and more...please I need help I am desperate.

I cannot tell you what is best for you, only you know the particulars of your situation. However I do hear from you that you are suffering, that this situation is toxic, making you crazy and probably a little sick - I know, I've totally been there. Your boyfriend's addiction is a problem, obviously, and as much as you hate it and make that known, he is the only one who can do anything about it. If you are so unhappy then perhaps leaving is the solution, for YOU - he will have to figure things out for himself. Sometimes the jolt of being left can help bring about the "hitting bottom" that addicts so often need to get clean. Good luck, I wish you both the best!

I used to smoke spice, a lot. Anywhere from 5 to ten grams a day. Whatever money I had, I blew all on spizz. It was tearing my friendship with everyone apart, the fiber of the relationship with any if my friends who I smoked it with dwindled down to being consumed by it. It is illegal here in utah, but then it just moves to the streets. People would over price it, and people would pay. As much as 20 to 30 bucks for a gram. I have seen it go for 40. I got so bad if I didn't have money if rip people off, id steal things to get money out of it, even rob people blind, staking out their house til they left and robbing them of all the spice they had. If I didn't have it I couldn't sleep, irritability was at a max, i couldn't eat a bite without throwing it up for days. I got fed up and felt like the lowest low, just like a junkie. I hit my rock bottom, and I put the **** down. There is no weaning yourself off, it's cold turkey or not. And you have to do it for you. 4 months clean right now, and never ever touching that evil again.

Way to go!

I smoke spice all day everyday for a year now. about 6 grams a day (and most times run out) I love it, it gets me away from all the pain in my life. That was up until Monday when I received a phone call from one of my good friends whom also smokes spice. She was freaking out telling me I need to quit smoking spice like now because it causes kidney failure. So I immediately got on the Internet and started to do my research on spice (which I should have done months ago). Sure enough 30 know kidney cases due to people smoking spice. Needless to say as I keep researching I find out more thing that freaked me out about this stuff. not to mention i share all these same symptoms and withdrawals you all are mentioning, so I got up grabbed my pack and flushed it. I love myself to much to be on dialysis, blind, or something like that the rest of my life. I made excuses for these symptoms honestly I was either in denial or just never put 2 and 2 together. Well Tuesday was day 1 for me being clean, and OMG the withdrawals were so bad I was miserable all day with all the symptoms. But then today wow what a better day I was so happy I felt free and clean didn't even vomit no withdrawals at all I didn't even crave it, and I'm hoping tomorrow will only be better than today. I never had a bad trip on the stuff and never thought my deteriorating health had anything to do with that junk. Honestly because I had no idea how bad this stuff really Is. I was always telling myself its safe I would think the corner store sells it its legal and just like weed never thought a second past that . I am just wanting to be heard ,STOP please love yourself your family and friends way more than that crap that's killing you! Be strong ill admit I am a very weak minded individual, and both of my parents were attics, and I definitely inherited their addictive personalities. So if I can do it I know you can. Come on do it, find a toilet and flush it start today right now its not worth dying or being se type of handicapped for the rest of your lives. I haven't been to my doctor, but I'm pretty sure I've done some damage to my kidneys just because I have all them symptoms too. Find a higher power and get thru this!

Oh My Goodness Thank God I found this page..... I honestly thought I was going crazy. I had been a pot smoker most of my life ,due to lack of coping skills, however almost 6 yrs ago i quit cold turkey & for the life of me couldn't understand why people couldn't just STOP whatever their addiction was...... Well I recieved a wake up call when about 10 months ago I was introduced to spice at first I was like NO.... Needless to say today is day 1 without spice for me. All of the symptoms you guys named I have had. When I was smoking everyday I would hack & cough, vomit w/ out it, stomach cramps...etc Mood swings.... its crazy. This stuff should be illegal everywhere. The problem is when they outlaw the chemical that gets you high, they chemist just put something else in it. I pray to God He takes this from me.

Good luck and congrats on your decision to quit! This stuff is truely dangerous and the sooner you have it out of your life, the better. Soon you'll be feeling better, saving money, and will have the satisfaction of having left this poison behind!

My husband is addicted to spice. He usef to claim he didn't smoke while he was at work but everytime I get in his car it reeks of the stuff and there are so many empty packets lying on the ground. When I started picking them up and counting them in money(they only average $10-15 here) he claimed some of them were his friends from work which he claims he smokes with during lunch break at times.

By the time he gets home, he lives in the basement, or his car smoking the stuff justifying that he hasn't really smoked it all day so he does it after work. The weirdest thing about this situation is that he when does go through periods where he stops smoking( a few hours at most) he will start vomiting or his stomach will start hurting, he'll get body aches, cold sweats and insomnia.

Most nights he will come upstairs and sleep with me in our bed but the last 2 nights he's slept downstairs on the couch. The first night he slept on the couch because he claimed it was more comfortable and last night I asked him to sleep alone again last night. I primarily asked him to because when he does sleep with me, he tosses and turns and can't sleep for long periods of time. He will sweat and be clammy when he does sleep and then complain of body aches and just overall not feeling well. Eventually he will just walk downstairs and either have diarrhea or sometimes vomit. I don't know if he goes back to smoking or he just goes to sleep downstairs but it keeps me up and I'm almost 9 months pregnant and it's stressful to not be able to get the rest i need due to his withdrawal moments. I don't understand how he doesn't see the pattern of his body going through withdrawal when he ceases to smoke for a few hours. He usually has to go smoke about every 15-20 minutes and he'll be down there smoking for about the same amount of time. He will do that from about 3-4pm until about 10pm till he gets sleepy. He then will fall asleep only to wake up a short while later feeling uneasy and tossing and turning. Maybe vomit or have to use the toilet. Sometimes because he genuinely doesn't believe he has an addiction, he will not smoke for a bit during the day on his time off and feel like crap during the whole time and wonder why he doesn't feel good. Last night, I could hear him hacking from downstairs all night and being restless. I felt him go down to the basement and I heard him vomit. Everytime I bring up my thoughts on it, he will either become defensive, annoyed or just not comment anything. He thinks I'm being melodramatic and or don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm trying to be patient because I know he's under a lot of stress being the sole provider since I became pregnant with our first. I just can't envision being in labor in a few weeks and watching him step out to have to go smoke during the time and he possibly missing the birth or bringing our baby home and he tries to hold her reeking of that crap. His clothes, car and he constantly smell of spice with instantly makes me vomit. I know he loves me and our unborn baby but he really doesn't seem to have a clue how much it hurts to not have him mentally present with me and that he would rather spend 1/3 of his evening smoking and 1/3 of his time being high than actually interacting with his wife on a normal level.

I plan to start work in the evenings about 8 weeks after the baby is born and he's supposed to care for her while I do that but I worry about what will take place while I'm gone for those 5-6 hours. He really does love us but I worry he can't control his need for this. I'm hoping that once he sees our child that he will ease on his use. I'm hoping for the best.

Otherwise, I am seriously considering leaving him. Even though I am financially dependent in him 100% and I moved 2 states over to be with him over 1 1/2 years ago, I wil not accept this as an example for our child. It hurts me enough to watch him hurt himself. I would hate for our daughter to witness that too. A child should never witness their parents in such a state. I can only hope he gets better as I love him dearly.

I'm so sorry to hear of your problems. It sounds like the drug really has a hold on your husband. It sucks that you are going through your pregnancy essentially alone, and that you are experiencing all this unnecessary stress at this crucial time. From what you wrote it sounds like your husband does not realize, or has yet to admit, that he has an addiction to spice. This is a crucial step, without which he probably will not be able to quit. And the worst thing is that you cannot make him realize it, you cannot make him want to quit. The only thing that you can do is control your behavior and let him know that you love him, that you are worried about him, and that his behavior is unacceptable and causing you pain, and damaging your family unit. I would be VERY concerned and hesitant about leaving an infant with someone addicted to drugs. I too hope for the best, but you do need to be prepared to do what is best for you and your soon to be born daughter. You are right, the example that he would be setting would be terrible for your daughter. I wish you strength, and the best of luck with the birth of your daughter.

I'm really sorry that you are going through this situation because I know exactly how you feel. My fiancé is the same way. We found out we were pregnant a year ago and throughout the pregnancy he would smoke in the house and I would beg him to stop for the health of our baby. He would leave me by myself all the time and with no car. He uses every last dollar we have on buying spice. I lost my job at 8 months pregnant so he has been the sole provider. However, he literally smokes all day since he works from home and now his job is suffering. We get in fights all the time because he doesn't want to spend time with me and our 5 month old. All he wants to do is sit in the bathroom and smoke (I have been begging him to stop smoking inside for over a year now). Whenever he doesn't have it, he gets extremely moody and angry. I don't trust him to be alone with the baby anymore because I left the house for tops 20 mins to run to the store and he was outside smoking and clearly not watching the baby and the baby fell out of his chair. I too had hoped that once our son was born that things would change. They haven't. They have honestly gotten worse. I told him on Wednesday that I was going to leave him unless things changed and he then threatened that he would call the cops if I took the baby from him. I don't want to leave him but am just so exhausted from it all. I found this site because

I found this site because last night he woke me up saying he felt like he couldn't breathe and was going to be sick. He gets sick all the time and vomits but this time he kept telling me to call the ambulance because he thought he was going to die. So I did. They came and said it was a reaction to the spice. He refused to go to the hospital but they said next time they come they will brig a cop and he will take him to the hospital to be watched. My fiancé "promised" the paramedics he wouldn't be using it ever again but I highly doubt this is true. I'm not sure where to go from here. I hope your situation has changed. If it hasn't, I would highly suggest seeing additional help. It's not worth risking the safety of your child.

I am happy to say that my husband did eventually quit, but it was hard and it took me leaving him twice to get him to take it seriously and put in the hard work. I would give you the same advice that you gave me. If you don't trust him with your child and he is not doing his job as a provider and partner then maybe that situation is not a good one for you. I hope that you have some family or other support system nearby that you could turn to. Of course you don't want to leave, it's a heartbreaking decision to make. But you have to do what is best for yourself and your child. Best of luck!

It's almost a year later but I am moved by your story because I am in it. My husband his job due to "trying"...well smoking spice at work several times. After him passing out multiple times and finding it in his presence they said he was too much of a risk. I am now 3 months pregnant and have a high risk pregnancy, I have had two previous miscarriages due to a incompetent cervix. Soon In 2 weeks I will have to go out on bedrest because I cannot work because that is how weak my cervix is and he still is not working. The k2 makes him so lazy, he has not even been looking for a job. I'm stressed, between the thousands of doctors appointments with the high risk doctor, taking care of the dog, cleaning the house, making meals, working overnight and having to take care of him, I really am thinking about filing for a separation. I don't know what to do anymore, I don't want years to go by and Im still stuck in this same situation. I'm already stressed about the pregnancy and finances, I honestly think I may lose the baby if I have to continue to suffer with him! How is your husband doing? Is he off it? What did you have to do?

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Thank you all for your posts. After one year today i am very happy and proud to say that i got rid of this poison i cant thank you enough for all of your posts you saved my life and my family thank you thank you alll very much

Great job! So happy for you!

I'm going thee the same problems everyone is having with the man smoking spice, I no longer trust him. He scares me when he talk to his self, sometimes I think he's going to turn into a zombie..! He sits in our bathroom constantly getting high and when I try to remind him of his unborn baby girl (7moths) it's doesn't seem like he cares about how he effecting our relationship which will effect her in the future. I don't know what to do this man was once the love of my life and sometime I fell like he's a stranger. I feel that he's never going to quit

yep, my husband has the same problem, only thing is we live in oklahoma and we drive 2hrs away to get the poison. he smokes 10gms in a night!! its discusting, its getting harder and harder to find and when he doesnt have any hes crawling around on the floor pickin up stuff that looks like it and smoking it(thinkin its it from him passing out an dropping his pipe) he has quit his job, were behind on all our bills, all he can think about is that stuff!!! smoke,eat,sleep all nite and day..we have a 3yr old son and hes quit paying attention to him..oh he admits hes got a problem too and that he hates it,but hes back in my room blowed out right now. he gets to the point he cant walk or talk just mumbles and imaging things.we are close to divorce i am sick of it and he wont quit even though he wants to..he likes being like a zombie, he used to be addicted to xanex real bad,he would take anywhere from 5 to 8 9 10 at a time and he liked that feeling kinda the same as spice only when he went out he was out for the night, not waking up every 30min like this stuff..its a terrible addiction and i feel sorry for him,but my son and i cant live like this anymore

I don't want to over simplify but I only have a moment to reply so I must be brief: You have to always think about your child and what kind of environment they will grow up in - do what is best for the kid and yourself as you are responsible for the well-being of your children.

Ok so im 18 and my msister and her bf got me strted on smoking this spice stuff.I am at my whits end i wanna quit so bad because i see its tearing my familly apart,lost my jobs,my housing and most of all the love of my family.But see heres were my problem is i see it as a escape my mothere is termanaly-ill with cancer and it tears me apart seeing her broke but the Voice in my head is tell me were am i going to be after spice worse better im scared please ease my mind and tell me in not the only one its gotten to the point im driving two towns away to get it.........three times a day all toggther averaging 10 grams a day and now its too the point where if i dont have the spice to relax i cant sleep

You are most definately not alone, and you are not without hope. You can quit. It can be done! I know that it will be hard, and that you just want to numb yourself, but you are right to think that this addiction is not worth it. You are young, and you have so much ahead of you. Get through the first week or two and you'll be feeling much better! I wish you luck and strength!

My bf and I were together for 6 mos up until 10 days ago. He smokes spice from the minute he wakes up in the morning until 2am when he finally would crawl into bed. I hated every minute of it! I tried talking to him on a daily basis and yet it did nothing but strain our new relationship. He blames me for lecturing him etc for the breakup. I know in my heart if it wasn't for this stuff we would still be together. He's 40 yrs old and I'm still so worried about his health. He coughs until he vomits daily and his decision making was as if he didn't care who he hurt around him. It was truely ugly seeing him high. I feel cheated! This stuff needs to be illegal ASAP

I'm 100% its already effected his health. What's scary is, the longer he smokes, the more damage is being done. I didn't notice any of the health effects until months after I quit. My husband was smoking it with me at the time. In the mornings, he was very angry. Yelling, cussing, and throwin things around until he had his first bowl that day. Idk where you are from or what stuff he is buying but 36$ a day could either go towards one bag of the stronger stuff a day. Or several cheaper bags. Indiana, I found a brand that was only $9 dollars a bag. When he forgets the kids, one night my mom asked me to go to the gas station. I made three trips cause each time I forgot what she wanted. :/ id be concerned if he starts developing bad headaches. I said before, a kid that used it for 4 years had headaches an found out his brain was hemorraghing in a small spot. Spice is hard to quit. It was very hard for me an I used it for less than a year. I absolutely loved it when I was using it. But 6 months of being off, id never smoke it again. I hope he makes the same choice. At least long enough to know what negative effects it has caused.

I also am engaged to an addict. I've known him for 6 years. Know for a fact that he has been smoking this stuff for at least 4 years and we have been together for 1 year and now engaged to be married. I never knew it was this bad. He has since quit his job due to health reasons. I aggreed of course but now I am beginning to believe that all his heath problems were stemming from this drug. So now I pay for this stuff. i used to keep my cash in a drawer at home giving him all access. Till of course all that is gone. We share bank accounts so know i am able to see how much he is really smoking. $36 a day!!! I am pissed!!! Ive told him over and over. He makes all kind of excuses and never takes responsibility for anything. He is a walking zombie! He's up every hour at night. He's been put on blood pressure meds. He even forgets to pick up the kids. I dont know what to do anymore. Every time I mention it he gets soooo defensive. I email him links to blogs all the time and we never discuss them. Im hurt but most of all Im scared that he is already having the long time effects that this stuff can cause. He always feels like something is biting him, sweats ALOT, he is very hostile in the morning, always fighting to be in the bathroom((thats where he smokes)) I tell him that every bowl he smokes is taking time off his life with his scared to loose him to this drug. HELP!!!!

*8-9 months. I tried it once more after I quit the first time.

My advice being a former addict of the drug, you NEED to stand your ground. I smoked the same amount he did but only for 8 months, and the negative health effects I've had from it, I can only imagine what they would be for a two year user. A 4 year user I know had a hemorrhaging brain. I also experienced drastic mental changes, my views an outlooks on things. I can't say anything for sure reguarding your husband, because the drug is so new. An by new, I know its been around for years, but each bag contains a different chemical makeup some compounds being new an un tested they come out over night to avoid bans that have started cracking down. And it is also a very unpredictable drug. It effects people differently by the chemicals in their brains. Everybodys body is different. I personally experienced nothing bad while using it. No bad "trips" my withdraws were jus aggression an no apetite an insomnia. The health problems didn't come about until 6 months AFTER quitting. So its hard telling and its very unfortunate you're going through this :/ but the mind state I was in on spice was no one could tell me anything to make stop. So maybe he just needs to realize on his own first.

This is so bittersweet...I am glad and relieved that there are other people experiencing this too, yet sad at the same time for all who have been/going through it. I too am in love with a spice addict and we have been together for two years, but have known each other for four. He has always been an addict, but has been able to quit his drug of choice before, but not this time. He has been smoking for over 2 years now and easily smokes 5-10 grams a day. He even says that the withdrawals are far worse than coming off opiates. There isn't a single night where he can sleep soundly without waking up to take a hit or two or coming home during lunch to get high. There have even been times where he wakes up and goes to the gas station to get more at 3AM! Not to mention that when he sleeps the entire bed is flooded with sweat, to the point of needing to get special sheets, the kind you use for a bed wetter and then there are the night terrors to boot. He has ultimately lost all his friends, his family, his child and now me. He has no regard for any of us - he could careless. I can't do it anymore. I can't do the disappointments and the heart aches. I am exhausted and tired of being a broken record. What concerns me more is if he does get it together and quits, what on earth will be the long term affects from it. I have done all the research but it's so new that no one knows. I am terrified to know what his lungs and heart look like - what the repercussions will be and then do I even want to deal with that too?! I have had no contact with him for 14 days and when I told him I was leaving he looked like a zombie - absolutely no emotion whatsoever, like a shell of a person. It's been the hardest two weeks of my life thus far and I fear that this is actually it. I have lost all hope and faith. If on the off chance that I do hear from him does anyone have any advice? Do you stand your ground and not give in to the manipulation and sob story? That's the hardest thing for me - standing my ground and knowing that I deserve better. Thank you to everyone for your stories! It feels so good not to be alone in this battle. I just wish they would take it off the market and outlaw it for good! Best wishes for you all.

I agree with the last comment. Like I said I only smoked it for nine months not near as long as most. But spice was the only drug I have used and I'm also a very small female. I weighed 115 when I started smoking it. I started out smoking it on the weekend. Then a couple times thru the week plus weekends. It went from a 3 g bag lasting 4-5 days to a 3 g bag lasting only a few hours, pretty quickly. I was wrapped fast. Its all I cared about. I was in high school at the time. Id smoke it before school. Be irritated all day at school, id just sleep. Its a surprise I even ended up being able to graduate. Then go home to smoke more up until I fell asleep. All day everyday. I was one of the ppl that didn't eat or sleep without it. I never had a bad experience while smoking it and I've smoked mad hatter red & green, white rhino, trainwreck, funky monkey, kryptonite 10x, mad hatter ultra zombie blackout ($50 a gram), m:20, B 2 da bomb, dark star, sharks breath, stoopid, baked goods, defiant blue&blonde&standard, purple haze, smokin dragon, sour diesel and several more. While smoking I didn't think I had a problem and I refused to think it was bad for me. Looking back now, I blew off my family often to get high, my friends, and its really pathetic when friends and I talk about nights we smoked it and I'm like "that happened?" I have no recollection of stories they're telling me about and people I've supposedly met. I really don't have any advice for anyone besides not to smoke it and to share my experience with spice. You can't help someone who isn't ready to be helped. I personally quit cold turkey. Randomly. 6 months ago. I have bipolar disorder so my first two weeks off of it were bad I was very violent and emotional. I didn't sleep for days at a time. I lost my apetite. I had a panic attack one night. I was short of breath and put on two inhalors for three months. I still cough up phylegm. I said I weighed 115 when I started. I'm down to 94 an" that's on my good days. My stomach literally feels like its eating itself. I only eat once a day and most days that's because I force myself too. I have heart palpilations that come on suddenly, headaches, no motivation or energy, and I just recently got married and have been seeing a doctor because I'm unable to conceive now for "unexplained causes" t be able to help. But even so, my health is no condition for that right now.

I'm an addict. I have been smoking, since I was 13. When this stuff was 20 dollars a gram. I'm now 19. You women and men come here to complain about your husbands/wifes/friends but yet leave no evidence of advice. You can ask for prayers all you want but the fact of the matter is legal controls and individual. They have no desire to progress on from their addiction because it's constantly played in their head that "its okay" or that "If I only smoke a little bit, instead of smoking the amount I do.. I'll be fine".
Your wrong. This incense stuff has things called "analogs" in it. The same hallucinate drug found in DMT and common day acid. I'd even go as far to say angel trumpets.
Every time you get high on this supplement you are actually having 100 mini seizures are once, due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Yeah, that's that high feeling you get. No oxygen to the brain.. Causing tumors, blood clots in the brain, memory loss, and I hate to say it but that aggressiveness? It has nothing to do with bi-polar disorder or withdraw. This drug simply makes you psychotic. I have friends who now talk to themselves and when asked who they're talking to they all respond with "What are you talking about", whether its because they are embarrassed or simply have no clue. It rots your teeth x3 faster than cigarettes, starting at the two front teeth. The reason it's still legal is because on top of the taxes they pull from it, they also change the analog chemicals every WEEK. I said it. Every week. That's a new, unfortified drug you smoke every time you take a hit. Every time I take a hit..
Now.. I've found ways to overcome addiction. As I have quit multiple time, however I go into relapse so I'm still over coming that. However I'd like to share the advice to ONLY quitting, I cannot guarantee relapse won't occur in the future but..
Water. Water helps quite a bit. It allows oxygen to reenter the brain system, allowing more thinking than just "damn, I really need incense I'm all out". Blunt but gentle support.. This is important. Aggressive pursuits to get someone to quit will be futile and will likely cause them to go buy another bag in the next hour, so pursue slowly, gently, but very bluntly. Let reality be spoken to them. "Ecstasy" brand herbal cigarettes. They contain a lot of the contents you find in spice, but without the analog and all that other garbage. These are safe and can also help you quit cigarettes, you can still get cancer as you can from all things with carbon monoxide though.. STAY ACTIVE. I'f you have friends then this is where they come in big time. Keep your mind busy.. Plan a week of activities, make it so you aren't around other users of spice/k2/incense and make sure your mind is constantly doing something. Go paintball, play football, run. Do all the things you used to. Try to avoid head shops entirely.
Quitting incense is a mind game and depends often upon the users willpower. Low willpower will pay its toll on a user, so keep this in mind.
These are just some of the ways that I have found work. And take from me. I started smoking 1 gram a day at 13 and now I'm able to smoke 4 grams in a day and 10-12 grams in a day and a half. That's serious.. And you probably imagine me as some cracked out, black teeths, Gary Coleman look a-like. But luckily the long term effects haven't appeared yet. Ladies and gentleman, share this with your heavy addicts. Let them know their is someone out there using way harder then they are. I know that someone out there smokes more than me perhaps. But these tips and perhaps my scenario can spark the start to a better life.

I hope the peopple smoking this get help. I smoked it for 9 months. I have been off of it for 6 months. And my problems are just now developing. I don't eat. I've lost tons of weight. I lose my hair handfuls at a time. My stomach feels on fire everyday. I have no energy to do anything. For awhile after I first quit I was angry an violent. I had one panic attack a few days after stopping. I thought the withdraws were bad. But now I'm over those. Its a more serious problem. My body is still reacting six months later. I've had several blood tests done. I also have migraines now. A friend of mine that smoked it also had a ct scan done for his migraines and his addiction caused his brain to hemmorhage. I'm glad its banned, I hope ppl stay away from this stuff. Seriously. Smoke weed.

I just finished reading your post and I just can't believe that there are so many people that are going through the same problems as me. I thought that I was the only one that felt this way. Everything you said in your post is identical to my situation. Although, we are not married... my boyfriend and I have been together over 6yrs and have a 3yr old daughter together. Over six months ago he decided to quit smoking cigarettes... and I was nothing but proud and happy for him. After a few months I started to smell smoke on him. I asked if he had fallen back and started smoking again... he not only told me no, but made me feel like crap for even thinking he would be smoking. One day he went outside to the backyard and I needed to tell him something so I ran out to tell him... when I turned the corner I saw him smoking from a pipe. Infuriated that he had just made me feel bad for thinking he was smoking again I lost it. (Later I found out that he wasn't smoking cigarettes, but it was spice or K2) He told me if it bothered me so much that he'd quit. He still has not to this day. I am afraid that he is addicted and I don't know what to do. We no longer get along... I have no respect for him. I can tell immediately when he walks in the door if he has smoked some. To be honest, I think this is so much worse than marijuana! He slurs his speech, is unsteady on his feet and his pupil are so dilated that I can barely even see the color of his eyes. He is incapable of making conscious decisions while under the influence of K2. I can no longer trust him because he lies to me on a daily basis. We have arguments for hours before he finally will admit to smoking K2. He always promises that he'll quit... every time. I am just at a loss as to what to do. I miss the man that I fell in love with. I'm afraid that he no longer exists and there is just this person that I have been living with for months that I don't even know. Am I going crazy... should I just except that he is going to do it no matter what? I want the love of my life back!! I don't want our daughter growing up and seeing her daddy like this... What am I to do??

I know you have probably already read some of the other stories on here, and you have probably already read some of my advice to other people. I too am shocked by how many people are being effected in similar ways! I am sincerely sorry for your troubles. I know just what you are going though. My husband did this crap for a year and a half, and it severely damaged our relationship. The lying, the constant disappointment, the stress and anger - it almost drove me totally nuts! I can only tell you what worked for me. I tried very hard to focus on myself and my daughter, on taking care of her and me, and focusing on my behavior because that's what I could control ( not my husband). I tried very hard to keep my temper (this was not always possible, but I kept trying). I stayed consistent in what I told my husband about how his addiction was affecting me and our family. I tried to get him help, and I made sure that he understood that I loved him and wanted to help him, even when things were tense. I threatened to leave him and I followed through when he refused to stop. Eventually, after a long time that seemed even longer, and after the second time that I left him, when we were on the brink of divorce, he reached the point where he could admit that he had a problem, he wanted to quit, and he managed to do it. It was hard, and I had to be patient when he relapsed a few times, but for me recognizing that he really did want to quit allowed me to hang in there. And it was worth it - a month or two more and I would have filed for divorce, but I'm glad now that I hung in there. This is what worked for me. I can't say what will work for you, but I wish you all the best of luck and the strength to survive this unfortunate circumstance.

I am crying my eyes out as I read these posts. Fearing for my husband & everyone else who is having problems. My husband just informed me that he was addicted after only 3 months. He was stealing money from me, didn't pay our car insurance for 3 months, took out small loans of $450 & it's all become too much for him to continue lying about. He claims he wants to quit & go to a support group but just 24 hours later I can't get him to even talk to me or anyone else. Last night he was so depressed over it all & felt he wouldn't be able to overcome his addiction so he attempted suicide. He downed a bunch of pills & when I called 911 he took off out the door & started walking. I was so afraid he was going to pass out somewhere & die and I wouldn't know where he was.
I don't know what to do. I want my soulmate back. We just got married in March 2012 :(

I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. It's so sad. But it sounds like your husband has some desire to quit, and that is a good sign. It may take a little more time, but if he wants to quit then that is a huge step in the right direction. I can only give you advice based on my experience. Let him know that you love him and that you want to help him. Don't ignore his shenanigans or cover up for him. Try to keep a cool head, be tough but calm and consistent. If he can start going to a group meeting or a counselor that would be great. Take control of your money so that he can't get access to it. Try to focus not so much on him and his behavior as on yourself and keeping yourself sane and healthy (this is the really hard part). You can only control you, not him. I know how heartbreaking this is and I'm so sorry for you and your husband. I hope you both make it through this!

Not sure if you still check up on this and hope things have gotten better with your husband, but I would like to offer my experience as a reference. The thing with Spice and any other addiction is that one develops a little "voice" inside your head that constantly keeps reminding one of the need to consume more of a substance. I got pretty bad at my low/lows (since I continuously relapsed on this sh*t) to the point where I lost the mother of my child, had to live out of a pickup for a couple of weeks due to all the money I spent on smoking and munching, and found myself throwing up in a convulsion-like manner. But no matter how bad things kept getting, the voice in my head would tell me "a little toke would help me solve this issue better". That little voice is justification for the abusive action and since people who consume substances other than alcohol, can arguably be considered impulsive, buying another pack is almost subconscious. I remember not even questioning whether I was gonna smoke that it, it was an automatic reaction. As far as any advice that I would give to people living with spice smokers, instead of scolding the smoker (which leads to a greater need to escape/smoke) for his addiction, I feel that helping him/her let that inner voice come out and reason with "the voice" about the weakness that spice has created. In other words, instead of yelling and threatening with leaving him, ask him "so why do you feel like Spice is a good thing for you". He'll most likely answer "It helps me relax, it helps me forget about stress, it makes me a mellower person, or even because it messes me up and doesn't show up on drug tests". Then you dig deeper and ask, "is there anything I can do to relieve the stress?....basically get him to open up and make him process your perspective (the perspective of a non-smoker) using his own addiction-rationality. My gf would flip out every time she caught me smoking and it would make me feel I would smoke to feel good again. I eventually quit after 4 relapses but every time I was not smoking was due to being broke from smoking. After the last rock bottom, I was simply pissed off that I was making more than most people and living out of my f-ing pick up. Some lessons in life are only learning through pain and grief, worked for me.

I dont know if you are going to get this, but my husband is really bad. He is ripping our family apart. The worst thing he does is pass out sitting up on the coach at 7 or 8 and our kids will be trying to talk to him. They try to smack him on the leg and he wont even wake up and answer his babies. I dont know what to do. He keeps saying he will quit he swears to god, then we kiss and makeup and I do have faith in him because I know the person he used to be...but then after we are okay for about 1 hour he will say.."Well since this is going to be my last bag can I go ahead and smoke it.The last bag still has not come and its been 2 yrs. OMG Im so imbarrassed to even say this about him because this is not the man I married. I really want my husband back. I am a stay at home mom and I have no family. My husband and I met when I was 15 and he rescued me from an abusive family. We have been married 7 yr and together for 8. I really have no where to go or anyone to help me. I really need the man who he used to be to come out of there, but he is trapped. He almost lost his job, he fainted at work 2 times. They made him leave and come home to see the doc and get a work release. He had to go to 2 doctors. The first one would not sign it because after he evaluation of his heart she said that he is going to need a pace maker...he said that she was just crazy. Im scared that Im going to lose him. He works on an oil rig which in the case sucks because he has the excuse that all the bills are paid and we have everything we want and need. I wish someone would help...I wish some one could help. I have been praying to better understand this sickness he has. Thank you for helping me see it through your eyes. These women have helped me..dont get me wrong, but it has really gave me alittle hope to hear this from a married man. I am glad that you were able to put your family first and see that what you were doing was wrong. I hope my husband does soon...which is hard to imagine happening at this point.

i started smoking spice about a year ago it started with just a bag a week to help me wind down from work but it has spiraled out of control, i started smoking a gram a day even at night to help me sleep... it got worse i started to wake up smoke and passout, it got worse i startrd to sell my stuff to get high because i was draining my bank account for one more toke, worse still i started to lie to my wife buying it behind her back when she told me to stop...ive never lied to her, shes the only one who knows the whole me and i hid this crap from her... i keep loseing the moral argument in my mind, i know its bad and hurts me , i know it hurts my wife and our unborn child but my brain just... im a monster and the kicker is, i didnt seem to long as i got another bag, spice is my undoing... my death... realizeing this has helped and im now looking into therapy. im glad i ran into this thread... i dont want to be a monster but im not the same im a bad guy now can i change that? ive wounded my heart and lover so so tired of hurting her, my family and my self...

Good luck quitting! Get control of yourself back - there are many good reasons to do it. You sound very well intentioned, if you do the hard work of getting spice out of your life I'm sure it will be worth it!

I too am losing the love of my life to this man made drug. I've been with my fiancé 2 years now and we recently brought a beautiful baby boy into the world. He's been smoking the stuff for nearly 5 years, but it's never been as bad as it is now.

When we first got together it was no secret that he smoked. I accepted it because we were a brand new relationship and it didn't seem any worse than having a drink. It quickly seemed to escalate to the worst addiction I've ever seen anyone have. I found out I was pregnant a year after being together and a month after we got engaged. My entire mind set changed. I quit drinking (my drug of choice) and smoking cigarettes completely. I also expected my fiance to at least slow down with this dirty habit, but that didn't happen. It started putting such a wedge in our relationship I found myself becoming depressed. By the time I was 6 months pregnant I found my fiancé using our only vehicle to drive 30 minutes away to get the spice, or mojo as they call it here. Hiding it behind my back and lying to me when I asked about it. Spending almost half of his check a week on it and stealing my bank card on two different occasions to get money for it. We always fought about it. Becoming more miserable, and more pregnant, I tried to set "guide rules" as a compromise. They would work for a while, until his addiction sucked him back in. He even tried cutting back on it so much he nearly quit. But all that led to was trying to find old pipes to dig out old resin and breaking them to get it all. Now that he's found a "connect" and gets it cheaper than ever, he smokes more than ever.
This stuff is evil, it's scary. There have been at least 6 times he's come to me crying, shaking, or convulsing, saying the devil was trying to steal his soul. The night before I had my son he smoked a bowl, and fell asleep on the couch with his pipe in his hand and drooling on himself. His daily routine. At about 4 in the morning I heard him stomping in the living room, he came in the room hysterical saying the devil called him then knocked on the door and tried fighting him. I took his hands and prayed, prayed hard for him. He told me he wanted to do right but I've heard that before.

My son is now 11 days old and I'm leaving his father. I told him he had a choice between us or his high. He's made a clear choice to stay high. He doesn't care about anything or anyone anymore. He hasn't held his son in 3 days, and has told me he'll be content without me. It's so hard knowing the love of my life, the father of my child, my best friend, chose a drug over me and our child. I've begged him, threatened him, and cried for months. Nothing matters. I've finally come to the conclusion nothing ever will so long as he smokes this stuff. So today I've been looking for places I can afford on my own as a single mother. This is my last ditch effort hoping he will see this and realize what he's losing.

I love you Anthony, and always will.

Your story is heartbreaking, but I am uplifted by what sounds like a lot of strength and right priorities coming from you. It is tragic that at this time in your life, what is supposed to be one of the very happiest, you have to be making such a wrenching decision. But it is also amazing that you have the self-respect and deep instinct to do what is best for yourself and your new baby! I hope he comes around, and I hope all the best for you and your new little one.

Thank you but I don't feel strong at all. He said he's willing to cut back but I should accept him and the fact that he smokes. It's so hard try to stay strong to my word in leaving though. I have family but I've never been without him in the two years of being together. I feel like I can't quite give up on him yet because I know he's in there, somewhere.. I just don't know when to call it quits. I wish someone could give me the answers

You gotta stop people. I did this crap for a year 3 grams a day. Lost my job. Starting selling everything I owned to get 20 bucks to keep getting high...
It messed me and my gfs relationship up badly.. Were ok now but Jesus let me tell you. I am no longer the same man I was im 22 and I slit my wrist because I was blackout drunk and didn't have spice.. Thank GOD my gf was there to call an ambulance. I went crazy. I now have anger issues out the ***. And mood swings. Im scared still. But I know you lose appetite. You need spice to eat to sleep. I cant tell u how many times I scraped a bowl and smoked resin. Even knowing there was no resin left...i scraped till the glass broke... Im bi polar and crazy now. But I got off it and im speaking to doctors and getting better. I have such bad anxiety... Hopefully my appt can come sooner with the psychiatrist. I never knew it would destroy my life like this. So sad :( good luck everyone. I promise, stop for 2 weeks its so hard it is. But STOP and I'll come to realize you can eat again and sleep normally. Again. Smoke marijuana if u have to smoke something. Don't let this poison take over. Put a stop to it please I beg of you. Its so scary :(

Hi, I'm the husband/father that most of you are posting about. I have a beautiful wife and 4 wonderful children, great job... No complaints. I've smoked mj habitually since age 13, about 3 years ago I got a job that randomly drug tests so I turned to spice. Since I've started smoking spice I haven't gone a day without, smoking about 1-2 grams per day. I didn't believe that there were any side effects until I realized that I am no longer the same happy go lucky guy that I once was. Instead I find myself needing this crap. I need it to eat, I need it to sleep. Waking up pretty much every hour on the hour to take a hit just so I can pass out with my pipe still in hand. every time I start to run low I feel anxious and uneasy, I get moody and usually lose my temper. I know that I need to quit but when I start to think about it I start thinking that I'm not hurting anyone and I'm still going to work, still doing everything that I was before just now I can be high doing it. I see someone was wondering what was so bad in their partners life that they needed to be high all the time, well I must say that I hope my wife doesn't feel that way because I'm not doing it to get away from anything but yet to feel at ease and block out any stress that I've got going on. I am aware that its not healthy and that I am mentally dependent as of now. Please pray for me. Almost through day 1. Hope I can sleep...

I wish you the best of luck. The first few days are rough but once you get through it it does get easier. You are hurting yourself, at least, by using this chemical, and when a memeber of a family hurts themself, it radiates out to the rest of the family. A few nights of no sleep will suck, but it will be worth it to get away from this destructive and dangerous substance.

I am dealing with with the same thing. My husband is a ex marine and got addicted to it while in the military. It has been so hard on our marriage.H says he will quit but I doubt it. I almost over the stress from it all.

My bf of 5 yrs, 48 yrs old has been addicted to spice nearly a year. But the last 6 months have been hell. He had major issues with alcohol since he was 20. Smoked pot on and off since 16. Also had a Lortab addiction. Since I have known him he completely stopped drinking. Takes pain pills only when medically necessary. But when he changed from occasional MJ smoking to spice due to drug testing at work, he has never been the same. Before spice he was always financially secure, now in bankruptcy. This once very intelligent, articulate man is now experiencing memory loss, violent headaches, projectile vomiting, profuse sweating etc. He is more reclusive, only seeking to smoke and be alone. 12 gm day habit. He rarely eats. His cough and wheezing increasing steadily. He does not want to quit. It may help you to understand the seriousness of this drug to know HE IS A NURSE !!!! And knows fully what he can be doing to his brain and body. We need this product banned in the U.S. immediately ! Time is running out for the love of my life

I'm so sorry. It baffles me that this stuff is still legal....

I too have seen the effects of this garbage. My best friend of 30 years is addicted to spice. she moved to Florida 3 years ago...being a heavy pot smoker she didn't have any connections so turned to spice. I have seen her spiral further and further down every time I have. come to visit. she has a disgusting hacking cough... you can hear her gasp for breath when she talks...her teeth are grey with black in between...a gorgeous girl that looks like trailer trash now. she smokes it constantly... to the point I was like omg stop smoking that crap already. she says it calms her down. I came down to see her this got too stressful for me to watch her with the pipe constantly in her mouth...she smokes it morning noon and night. to make matters worse she has 3 kids that are spoiled brats and she just dismisses their bad behavior enabling them and sparks her pipe up. we moved her this week...I told her weeks before my trip...get everything packed and when I got there the kids had done squat and the house was in shambles....I even took pics of all the rooms because I know no one would believe how bad it after enabling her kids that did squat and me busying my arse packing her house up...she told her kids they could have a pool party...I was like really can't we just chill a nice quiet night I stead of having 6 kids sleeping over...I had flown down here to See her and the stress was too my h for me and I left...I got a hotel and going to turn in my rental and I can't wait to go back home. I am going to spend the night in the airport just so I have my own piece of dealing with addicts one thing I have learned is that You are powerless over and individual but you...God bless you all and I hope everyone finds their own strength xo

Don't feel bad, my bf is extremely addicted to it. He has severe mood swings and becomes really agitated when he runs out. He becomes violent and uncontrollable. I miss the person that I met two years ago. He had stopped paying the rent because his habit has taken most of his money and we are about to lost our place. He says at times that he wants to quit, but he can't even go an hour or two without it without becoming extremely aggressive, and says the most hateful things.
I don't want to give up on him though. I love the person he really is. He has about a 30 to 40 dollar a day habit and it's killing us! I hate snitches, but I even called the local police and asked them why it is still being sold when I thought a law was passed against it. They said that the people selling it were following the law, but no other county around us is able to sell it. What's up with that?
His last name is Griffin too! I love this man with all my heart and I want my old babe back. Why is pot illegal when this crap is? It has horrible withdrawal symptoms. He even poops green sometimes. When he's high, he nods out like he's on dope. It's like he isn't even there, but when he doesn't have it he is too aggressive. He has bi-polar disorder that runs in his family and I think the drug has triggered the disease in him.
I even called the state police, and have written to media outlets because I cannot believe that this stuff is legal when marijuana isn't. I guess they're making mad taxes on it. I compare the withdrawal symptoms to opiates, only with more agitation. He even has started pooping green!
Please pray for my whoobie! I love him so much and I want him back!

I am a 53 yr old woman married to an addictive husband. He has in the past been treated for alcohol addiction and hospitalised for mental illness. He holds down a professional job. He no longer drinks, (at least I don't think he is!) . We have 3 teenage children. He has very little input into his childrens' lives. He is in a crazy rage when he has no cigarettes or any of this herbal stuff he smokes. When he has it is he is like someone on dope, smiley, dopey and slurs his speech. It drives me crazy and I am constantly weepy, depressed and scared. We all walk on eggshells around here. He can get very violent when upset and can hit the children and shove me around. He is incredibly cruel and nasty and abusive when not high. He steals money from my purse and constantly has excuses about needing money for something at work etc. We are financially strapped. I work two jobs to help out and feel we get no where. I look at him when he is high and hate him. I hang in at my marriage for my childrens' sake as I feel the alternative of being a poorer single mother would be unfair to my children. I am too proud to tell others how bad my life is. I have thoughts of suicide but would never go through with it because I couldn't do that to my boys. I am so unhappy but so trapped and alone. Why does he have to be such an addict. I wish I could get help.
I feel so sad and alone. - Joanie

Joan I wish I could help you. I feel so awful for the situation that you find yourself in! I don't know all about your life, and cannot tell you what would be the best. But I know that you are not alone. You have to let someone see what is going on - I know there must be people in your life who love you and want the best for you. Also, if you are in danger of being hurt, that cannot be the best place for you, or your kids. I know what it's like to be so depressed, so isolated, and eventually it becomes so exhausting to get up and live that life, doing everything is hard, and hope seems nonexistant. Get out of your head, talk to someone, a friend, family member, or someone else - posting here is a good start! Remember that you deserve more than this! I just wish you so much luck and happiness.

I am a 24 year old who has been smoking spice almost daily for a year. I decided a few days ago to kick the habit, and it is the hardest thing I have ever done. This stuff truly gets a hold on you that I never experienced with nicotine or weed.

Im so glad I read these comments because it made me realize I wasn't alone. The withdrawl effects are awful: desperation. nausea, vomiting, etc. I got to the point that I would go buy and smoke spice on my lunch break rather than eat. It's the first thing I think about in the morning. I would smoke about 1.5 g a day.

Best of luck to all out there quitting, and for those who have never tried it, DON'T!

Been over 2 months since I've quit. Still going strong, no desires anymore. Thank GOD I got a handle on it. I feel so bad for all of you who are struggling with spouses or significant others. Encourage them, show them it can be done. IT CAN. I'm living proof of a 2+ year constant smoker who turned it around. Don't give up, getting moody about quitting is their fear of quitting, it does pass and will if they try. It takes a mind set that you know your going to go through some sh@*#, just accept it and go through it. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

I came to this site because I wanted to know if this drug was as badly addictive as I felt it was. I see now that it isnt only me who has had issues with it! I recently broke up with my bf of a year and a half because of spice. I had known him since highschool and he joined the airforce and we both got married to other people (also got divorced/seperated from our exs) he was having a rough time with the military and got kicked out. Things were good with us the first few months and we started smoking spice together all the time being careless and enjoying the "honeymoon" period of our relationship..than reality set in with bills and needing to take care of our responsibilities. we got an apartment together and we started smoking even more. I was the only one working he sat at home and smoked all day. He started taking money from me and buying spice behind my back after i would buy more than enough for both of us to smoke so he was smoking double of what I would. I started feeling like I might be addicted when I noticed my moods changing and feeling almost crazy when I didnt have any to smoke. it was affecting my job, and ruining our relationship. I stopped a few times he said he would too..than we'd find excuses to smoke to "celebrate" bdays, anniversarys, weddings, anything! I quit and just went back to marijuana to get myself off spice! he hasnt, he smokes 8g's a day and he hasnt worked in over a year, he has no desire. he doesnt pay his bills, i pay for absoluetly everything and i feel like hes draining me financially and emotionally. he knows he has a problem but wont quit. it makes me sad to know the person i fell in love with chooses a drug over me, but yes this is an addicting drug and it ruins people. I had to leave him. I havent smoked spice in a few months and i feel happier. I see life in more of a reality than a fantasy. I never thought spice would be as addicting or as "bad" as say, meth or whatever..but it is! To everyone reading this, please stay away from it! Please stay away from people who smoke it. you WILL get sucked in and it wont seem so bad at first but before you know it your lives will become nothing more than misery! I was absolutely miserable! Im lucky and proud to say I quit when I did! GOD BLESS!

I know how you fill my boyfriend has been smoking it almost 3 years and hasn't kept a job for 2 and a half yrs.

I have been reading these post and have to say all of you are amazing for sharing your husband and I stared smoking in Oct escalated quickly for him, not as much for myself however before I knew it we were both addicted, he was easily smoking over 10g a day, we were in debt up to our ears spending over 700.00 a month on it. I knew it was wrong but couldn't get him to see it.....classic symptoms all apply he treated me horribly if we didn't smoke until I bought the next bag...long story short about 3 weeks ago we found this site (after I called the cops because my hubby kinda lost it, and we had a huge argument over him choosing to spend our last 20.00 on Incense instead of medicine for our sick kids I told him to leave for a while and he was trying to take all of our expensive stuff with him).....finding this supposedly changed his whole outlook and we both swore to quit and I did. He continued to smoke only resin....until today he received a sample by mail (why he requested this sample after saying we were quitting IDK)....I'm at a be honest I walk around on eggshells with him. We fight about everything now, we used to be really happy, bestfriends.....I feel like i lost my bestfriend and my husband.....and I thought that us quitting would make things better but it hasn't and now I'm just so mad at him for not seeing that this stuf ruins peoples lives and relationships. I feel like after facing all the withdrawal symptoms that hes making a huge mistake by smoking again I have no idea what to do. I cant help but to be who I am and tell him how i really feel. So i do but I feel like its falling on death ears.....I'm really posting this today in hopes that he comes back to this site and sees that we I need him to stay clean we can not afford to go backwards financially or otherwise.

I know, that used to make me sooo mad too, to go through the withdrawl - to make me go though it (he was always very unpleasant during it) and then to start smoking again. You are in a position to understand it better than me though, because you quit too! All I can say is that when he wants to quit he will have the best chance of having the mental and physical strength to do it. And there is nothing you can do besides what you've been doing -tell him how you feel, and take care of yourself. Good job quitting, I hope you never let this poison back into your life!

Wow I can't believe how this garbage has taken over so many people lives and is ruining so many relationships. Well I'm in the same boat my bf of 12 yrs used to smoke weed on and off recreationally and when he started working after being laid off he started smoking some of these incenses at first a few times a week and slowly it has increased to all day and night days it helps him sleep. I'm at my wits end. It smells disgusting he's nasty when he isn't smoking it it's expensive and when he's on it he's like an idiot zombie!! I love him but I'm getting to the point where I don't even want to be around him. This crap has taken my best friend from me from the person I couldn't wait to see at the end of the day to the person who gets under my skin all the time. I'm trying my best to be understanding as he has gone through some serious family losses previous to this and is using this garbage as a crutch but I don't know how much longer I can handle it. Props to those who have left this stuff behind hoping for the best for all of us :(

yeah my ole man has the same problem. And I feel the same way. I feel very distint from him and our family is now crumbling apart. We have been together since my lil man was 2 months old. I used to love him and want to b with him 247 but now I just don't care. My heart is with you and I hope you and ur husband get through this together. Goodluck

I would like to start by apologizing for my previous posts. I was going through the throws in my own mind and was really scared at my core and sort of lashed out. I would like to recant my previous post and inform all of you that I took my own advice and went completely off spice and have been free of it for over a month now. It was not has hard as some make it out to be so please if you are reading this and are addicted listen closely. YOU CAN DO IT. Here is what I did: I started by going to my Dr and telling him I had a hard time sleeping and he prescribed restinol 30mg(temazepam is the generic version I take). Second I flushed my system using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. 3 tsp with 3 tsp of honey 3 times a day. The first 3 days were rough, it got better and better every day and after one full week had passed I only had a few times where I craved it, or wanted to reach for it. My wife was aware and put on her patients hat and was understanding if I withdrew here and there. At times I had to just go outside put on my headphones and basically meditate. I am 100% now and realize how much I was holding myself back with this crap. My life has changed completely, I got a raise at work...more patient with my kids and family...driving...everything is better in every aspect. If you are married to someone who is on this crap have them read this. Again you have to want to quit in the end, don't be scared, don't let your mind work against you. YOU HAVE IT IN YOU, dig deep and set your mind. FYI I smoked about 2-3 grams a day for about 2 years. I know the symptoms everyone is talking about... nausea, sleeplessness etc. They do go away. I really think the flush helps alleviate that part faster that not doing it. And I'm also aware that addiction differs from person to person as well as the physical effects. One think to consider as well is the interaction with other presc<x>ription drugs probably exacerbates the effects. I know when I started the temazepam and still smoked for a couple days it took a real turn and got scary. Almost passed out driving, had to pull over and get a grip. Good luck to all of you suffering. I'm done, never going back...have absolutely NO desires anymore. I was lucky enough to catch this before it ruined my career and life. Sounds like some of you have not been so lucky. Again sorry for my previous posts. I hope this helps at least one person.

OMG!!! I am reading all these posts and i'm reading MY LIFE!!! Its crazy!!! I am almost 50 and my fiance is addicted to spice!!! He recently spent 6 mths in a county jail for a probation violation...just didnt pay the fine!! He had quit smoking weed and was hired on to a very good oil company job!! He was on his way to the rig and was lost....mind you its 3 he pulls off the side of the road to check out his map and a hwy patrol passes him from the other side and then turns around to see if he needs assistance!!! Well needless to say his license was suspended and they had a warrant out for him!!! He went to jail!! 6 mths for probation violation!! It sucked so bad!! It was the week b4 thanksgiving!! so i forgave him and we talked on the phone when i had the money to set it up and we wrote back and forth!! In Feb his brother from CA calls and is looking for him...their grandfather had passed and he was telling me that he was going to inherit a life changing amount of money!! So he gets all the paperwork while hes in jail and does whatever he is supposed to do to get his money!! He gets out in week b4 his bday!! Yeah!!! I was so happy to have him back home where he belonged!! It took a cple more weeks for him to get his first check!! $200,000!!! First thing he did was buy himself a truck...then he went shopping like crazy!! Im not a money grubbing b***h!! so i was in a state of how can i spend this money!!! But i tried to get things i needed...He bought me all kinds of things!!! I love all the things he bought me dont get me wrong...but right now at this point in time im feeling like the money was a curse!! Anyway!! He started going crazy with the money!! $1200 watches...$800 bracelets(For himself)...he likes his bling!! His oldest daughter came to visit and was supposed to go on a trip with us somewhere but she ended up going home b4 2 wks was up!! She didnt grow up with her dad so she really didnt know him and took alot of things he did way out of context!! Then the Attny Gen found out he had alot of money and put a freeze on his acct!! he called them and settled and was left with less than $20K!! Now as of today he is down to $3K!!! im still trying to figure out where $17K went in just one months time!!! He told me to quit my job and that he wld take care of me!!! Ive never been one to depend on someone else for my finances!! I cld get my job back but i dont like the one person i have to work with!! So he says he needs to get a job but all he does is go to the atm everyday and withdraw up to $300 and then goes to the dope mans house!!! He thinks im nagging but if i just sit back and watch him all day, he is doing nothing but smokin that s**t...sitting on the couch like a freaking zombie with that dang pipe clutched in his hands...passing out with it still in his hand....coughing so bad that it is sooooo irritating i have to go to another room...and thats kinda hard to do seein as how we live in a 1bdrm apt!! I am at the end of my rope!!! I got online last nite and started reading these stories and just started crying!! Then i read them to him for an hr or so!!! He seemed to realize that he was addicted to it and we had a huge fight b4 that and he was fixing to leave!! After reading these stories to him he calmed down a bit and he didnt leave!!! But ya know what he did first thing this mornin....thats right...he went to the atm and got more money out and went to the dope mans house to get his high on!!! Now he is supposedly out looking for a job!!! Him and his cousin were supposed to go together...but it took him an hr and a half to drive 25 min away!!! I get what everyone is saying on here as to them wanting to quit is the only way to kick it!! But i love him very much and i dont want to watch him hit bottom!!! I know sometimes that is what you have to do for your own sanity but we were so miserable when we were apart and i dont want to be apart from him ever again!!! Im too old for this crap!!! Any suggestions wld be greatly appreciated!!! And to all of u that are trying to quit and doing it...GOOD FOR YOU and your family and friends that love you!!! It can only mess up ur life!!! and Your health!!!

You also remind me alot of my situation with being financially dependent. As you know I have Bi Polar disorder and yesterday he refused to buy my meds because of "how I treated him" Luckily I have a huge family and his family is behind me too so beyond a broken heart and breaking my kids hearts....

I'm up at 5:30 pondering separating from my spouse of 9 years because of Spice. He introduced it to us in 2009. I only used it on weekends but that soon escalated to everyday. A few months to a year after this I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. I was given a plethora of medications and found through research cannaboids can actually exacerbate my condition exponentially so I decided to quit. It was one of the hardest things I've done. I thought about it constantly, but I told myself my hard work would pay off and it has.<br />
They made K2, Black Mamba etc. Illegal in my state so my husband quit for a few months too. However, they reformulated it with who knows what and threw new stuff out. He's been chain smoking it for months. Weekends, weeknights like 10-15 grams a week. Over the past few weeks his mood has shifted. He's gotten meaner. He says horrible things to me sometimes I cry and he just shrugs it off and smokes another bowl. About a week ago he got me to smoke this new formula and I've never done drugs but I swear this stuff is EVIL I hallucinated BAD. I got sucked into an alternate reality and my husband kept pulling at me and when I looked his features were contorted dark, scary, evil. My heart felt like it was going to explode and spots were floating before my eyes several times before I realized I wasn't breathing. I was just sitting there waiting to come down when he jumped up screaming that he knew I was cheating on him. He didn't talk to me for 3 days. He said I admitted as much, but he couldn't tell me exactly what I said. I thought maybe he had hallucinated too, because obviously, it's not true far from it. This new stuff is so much worse and no one knows what's in it! I told him we were done with Spice. But that same night I could smell it on him. He just stared at the ceiling giggling manically. We had a big fight and he threw stuff punched stuff and told me if I didn't shut my ******* mouth the police would be taking one of us away. The next day he does it more and I found him smiling banging his head on the door fr<x>ame waving his hand and humping the air. I pulled out my phone and started recording so I could show him what he looked like when he was sober. He attacked me, pushed me into the bed and grabbed my wrists trying to take my phone. That's about all I can handle. We have two kids so I'm getting ready to leave but it's scary I've been with him since I was 17 I'm 27 now I've never been on my own. SO SCARED. He also has physical symptoms. He'll smoke, vomit, smoke some more. Break out in a sweat, smoke some more. Several times the next morning he's had such pain in his legs and weakness that he couldn't even get down the stairs and had to call in sick to work. Wanna know what fixed that? Yup, more Spice. Ugh. Druggie Loser, I pray he gets his crap together because he was the best dad, everyone said. He lived to think of ways to make the kids smile. He made my every wish come true. He wrote songs for me poems for me, worshipped me. And now he's attacking me and telling me I've made him miserable for the past 8 years :'(

I know how you feel - except that you've been with your husband for far longer than I've been with mine! It is heartbreaking to lose someone so completely, to know exactly why, and to be able to do nothing about it. Your husband seems to have a tendency to become physical which is very dangerous, you and your kids should not be exposed to that kind of threat. I can't say what is best for you, you are the only one who knows the intricacies of your particular situation, but I would be unable to stay in a situation that was so potentially dangerous. Make sure your husband knows how much you love and miss him, and how much his behavior is affecting you and your relationship with him. He has to quit, it won't happen without total commitment from him. You must do what is best for yourself and your children. I wish you the best of luck and the strength to make it through this.

I'm so glad to have found this forum! I have been smoking incense for about 6 or 7 months and it has DESTROYED MY LIFE! I promoted to a very high position with a some what prestigous agency and was unable to smoke grabbed some "fake weed"..<br />
The problem I have descovered is that its addictive properties are SCARY as HELL! I have horrible stomach aches and nausea.....and my demeanor turns to that of a crack head whom will steal his parents things and pawn them... I have tried to quit and its always too damn hard.....Im going to quit this poison and never look back! Thank you all for sharing your stories it has really helped knowing im not alone.

Good luck! Get this stuff out of your life and never look back!

Hi as many of udo ihave a boyfriend ibeen with for almost 4 years now and I have a 2 year old baby my boyfriend has been smoking for more then a year now I bate it was much he tell me he want to stop and he trys but he cant I don't want to give up on him but this is just so hard it making me broke I really need some advice image my brooking point I cant do it much longer I love him but it ******* up our realionship please help me

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I can't tell you what is best for you, but your boyfriend has to quit on his own. Let him know that you love and support him. Be as patient as possible if he is really trying. But if it is too much for you, as you need to be focusing on your baby and yourself, then let him know that things will not continue as they have been. First you have to take care of what you can affect - you, your behavior, and your baby who depends on you. Good luck!

fellow spice addicts, it is three in the morning, and i have been off of it for two days. no sleep, sound familiar to y'all? I am nineteen years old, i started smoking weed when i was fourteen. i started smoking everyday when i was fifteen. spice came out in stores here about two years ago, and i was introduced to it by a friend at work. At the time i was able to smoke MJ, so i wasnt big on spice, i thought it was to much. but after getting a possession charge and six months probation and five hundred dollars later, i figured weed wasnt worth it. it starts off with you smoking spice to makeup for your marijuana usage, and in time you find out that its not the marijuana your addicted to, but the spice. countless times have i tried to kick the bucket on spice. ill find myself smoke a few hits, get to high to function, freak out and tell myself how bad it is, throw my spice away, only to buy more later that day after iv been sober. i am enlisted in the military, go to the gym everyday, hold my job , and a relationship. i almost feel as if i cant control myself when i need it. it is illegal where i live, but also very easy to obtain. I dont understand why they made this drug, its addictive properties are that of a hard drug such as cocain or crack or meth. i hope i get through this, good luck to you all

I am going through the same thing with my son's father... We started to do it together, but after I got terribly ill (anxiety, vomiting, heart palapations,ect) I quit using the poison... Well that was well over a month ago, and he is still using strong... everytime I smell it I instantly get nauseas, I am so frustrated that this **** is legal, but you will go to prison for life if you get caught with some marijuana... I spoke with the local police today and they said they could do nothing.... My situation sounds alot like yours I am dependant upon his income to raise our special needs son... He is competely in space.. it is sad to see him like this. I don't know what to do.. I hope your situation improves for the sake of your family...

Also, the withdrawl symptoms are nuts! I only smoked this poison for about 3 weeks, daily... It has been over a month and I am still nauseas in the morning time, and still have no appetite. I weighed 130 when I first tried it, now I weigh a whopping 115.. Yea 15 lbs.... and I am still losing, I can't hold anything down.. I do have to say it has gotten better, but still how can something so poisonious to our bodies be sold just like a candybar!!! If any of you are from OK, do you know how to actually get this **** off the shelves? Obiviously the cops around here aren't going to do a darn thing... I want him to go to rehab, but he says "im weining" if that were so, why is he still going thru 2 bags of the stuff a day! Talk about an expensive high.. He is completely withdrawn from our family, It has turned him into a zombie.. He will get up in the middle of the night several times to smoke it...Whoever the person is who made this stuff, KARMA will come around...and I can't wait for all of this stuff to be completey banned...