I Need Help

My husband is smoking herbal incense for about a year. he promised me to stop it a million times but it seems that he can not.he has depression but he refuses to get any help .the problem is I can not tolerate it I can not even look at him when he is high.It's sooooo painful.I can't stand losing him.the only thing I'm doing is crying all the days and nights.he is not even the person that I know.we were in love for so many years but he is killing himself and I can't do anything about it.he used to love and care about me but now when he is high he can't realize what's going on,even when I leave home with cries and anger he can't understand that I'm not at home.Is there any help???
despratewife despratewife
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

i wish there was something we can do. I wish we could help them see how wrong they are and all the pain they are causing. They have no clue that they are not only affecting themselves but their families as well. This drug is pure evil.

I feel your pain. We have been together for almost 7 yrs. I hate spice. It caused our divorce. Tried getting back together after...he promised that it was changed only to go back into it and realize that he is much more worse off then ever before.