Married To An Adult Baby

I am 23 years old and i am married to an ab. my husband is also 23, but most of the time he would rather be much younger, about 21 years younger to be exact. he loves to wear diapers any chance he gets, and wearing them is not the only thing he does. He also lkes to be treated like a baby. he likes bottles and pacis and baths. I have talked onlin with several ab's in the past, but have never had the chance to talk to someone who is married to an ab like i am. I am interested in seeing how other people deal with it. do you like it, or is hard for you?? i would like to know if people have the same experiences i do. this is a huge secret for my husband and i. noone knows about it, and sometimes that makes life hard. a lot of our problems, our disagreements, stem from his infantalism. but, unlike most people who have normal marital problems, i can't go to my friends or family members for advice or support. so, if anyone is intersted in talking to me, please please let me know.
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Hi I am curious about the relationships that are involved with one partner being an AB and/or DL and the other not. I was wondering how the relationship works? If the fetish causes any disturbances or problems in the marriage and how they deal with it together. I would love to speak with a married couple that has an experience similar to what I have described. Please feel free to contact me with any information or personal experience you might have.

I am a mommy and was almost married to an ab.. i am willing to chat.. i have come to realize over the past few months some things.. and yes i can agree most of our problems were his infantilism as well.<br />
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hi,i to am a diaper lover an my wife is ok with it .we get along great .your husband may of had an experiance once when he was little that has set him off on diaper as for me my mother put in diapers when i was 8 an had a problem with bed wetting so she made me wear diapers to bed thats when i found out how exciting they are .one night when she put my diapers on me i got a hard-on an didn't know what was happening .my mother said that i was getting excited about wearing the diapers an then she started to rub my **** around in my diaper an it wasn,t long until i had *** in my diapers an she said itwas a good thing an not to worry about it .she said that i was just starting to grow up an left it at that it gave me a lasting affect .so i have loveed diapers every since .one night i tod my wife about my experiance an she said you love diapers do you an i said yes .3 daays later i came home from work an showered i went into the bed room an there was my wife with a set of diapers an sid beings you like being a bby you are now my baby an she said lie down nthe bed an i am going to diaper you .i had no problem doing that .she loved seeing me in diapers an plasticpants .so now when she wants to role play she puts me into diapers an we have great sex with the diapers on me ..i slide my **** out under my diapers an screw her with the diapers on an she tells me to *** to mommy .that she wants her babies *** in her .just so you know other people do love diapers an its not a bad thing its just a fedish an treat it like that .there is nothing wrong with your husband that you can not help with .you don,t need to tell friends your secreets try it out for a while an see if you like to role play that way if you want you can chat with me any time if you want i would try to help you understand the feeling a person gets wearing diapers .good luck ray