Have You Ever Climaxed In Your Sleep When You Were 40 Yo?

And it was due to desperation? Welcome to the life of an alcoholic's wife. I've been all over the web researching the effects of being the spouse of an alcoholic and while most sites recommend AlAnon, that doesn't help me because it isn't available in my small town.

So let me tell you what's in store for you if you decide to stick with an alcoholic partner. First, you will be alone physically and emotionally. Second, you will have to make all the decisions for your family. Third, you will have to deal with the fallout from your children living with your alcoholic husband, since you can't be there 24-7.

Get out now. Run hard and run fast; take your children with you. With any luck, you will find someone else and your climaxes will be real and not just part of your dreams when you get to be my age.

graywolf777 graywolf777
41-45, F
Jun 24, 2012