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I have been married for almost a year now. My husband and I reconnected after 6 years. We met 7 yrs ago and had a connection but he drank too much at that time so I decided not to pursue a relationship with him. Instead I returned to school an earned my bs degree. Six years later This same man jus showed up on my doorstep. 5 yrs Sober an bigger than life. He came an swept me off my feet and promised me things I thoughttt would never be possible in my life. We became a couple and fell in the deepest kind of love. We married jus. 8 months later. Things were perfect for a few months. He was finishing trucking school. I got a new job. We moved into a house. My kids adored him. I thought to myself life jus can't get any better than this! I was excited to start this next chapter of my life. Now life has taken a turn for the worse. He began drinking again. First it wasn't bad a day here a day there. Now its binge drinking for days unemployment and 3 duis. His ex girlfriend is an ex convict now turned Mormon and refuses to let him see his two sons. She was suppose to do 15 or so yrs. That's why he looked for me an started this new relationship. But she got out in only 9 months and has been a heavy burden on his mind since. Now he treats me like he doesn't care for me an continues to endlessly break my heart and crush my spirit. I have been reading post from women who have been married to alcoholic for years and they are suffering souls with no end in sight. I want to leave my husband because I feel I will be one of these women with a story of constant heartbreak for 25 yrs but I feel guilt.
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