I Belong To Me

Sadness, calls my name I do not answer.
Anger loves me but I shut the door I refuse to invite her in
Pain, thinks he is my friend but I will not allow him to ruin my day
Sleep acts as an enemy but he can learn to be my friend because I need him
Love runs away from fighting with all my might I need him to stay
Fear, tries to rule me I can not allow it
Tears, run down my face like rain on a mid April day but
I let them fall and pray for God to take them away
The wind tries to blow my memory away but
I will not forget the beautiful moments of my life God will not allow it
Happiness, just will not stay but I
will not let the devil steal any joy from me
These are the things I struggle with ever day
I belong to me not any of these emotions that plague me
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
3 Responses May 16, 2012

i cryed when i saw this

hmmmm when u r soo sad divorce him

This is about my emotions trying to get the best of me and I use he and she metaphorically.. I can not divorce them but I identify them and Originate the cause of them.

I Love This.Beautiful!