Hello..this Is Me..

Hello..This is Me..
At the age of 23 when most of us our running around with drinks in our hands and wondering where our next lay is coming from ..Iam married with a three year old. Now i know what most of you are thinking and no i didnt get pregnant in high school and marry some baby daddy. Im not at all the type..im however the type who fell in love in high school but not with my first high school sweetheart but my second. My first was a tragic abusive mistake but i put him behind me the moment its over came from my lips. I met my husband 10th grade year and we were married two weeks after graduation ( mine not his, his was a year before). And the arrival of our daughter came four days after our one year anniversary...why am i telling all this ? I guess its because i believe This is Me... A married high school graduate with a beautiful three year old.. now that is not all iam. Sure, Im a friend and a daughter, a book worm, and a inspiring novelist..but wife and mother these roles define my life first and foremost.
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WildFlower89 WildFlower89
26-30, F
Jun 27, 2012