Hard Times Always Will End With a Good Outcome U Just Have to Be Patient

My husband and i have gone through a lot of drama together.  To be honest i never thought that we would end up so happy  We have been dating for 5 yrs and married 9 months.  Before he joined the army he got involved with the wrong people.  I dont want to get to deep but I left him because i couldnt handle all the lies and drama.  He told me that he hated me for leaving him but i had to because it was killing me and my son.  After about a month 1/2 of not being with him all i could think about was him but i wouldnt make the first move until he called.  Well he called and that where our relationship grew so quick and strong.  He joined the army because he wanted to provide for his family and i got pregnant.  And for the first time ever he told me that i was his bestfriend and that he would never ever hurt me again.  I have fallen in love with him over and over again ever day. 
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that's such a happy ending !!!<br />
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* gets tissues to wipe tears off *