My Love Story

My high school sweetheart is more then just my high school sweetheart, he's my childhood sweetheart. We were born 9 days apart(I'm older) and became best friends at the age of 7. shortly after we both became secretly In love with one another for years, each others first love.

Freshman year of highschool he finely told me how he felt and since then we have been together.

Together a total of 16 years, committed as a couple (since freshmen)9 years and married now for almost 2 years and looking forward to the rest of our lives together. We have 2 children, one boy ( born on daddy's birthday) and one girl. I hope that one day they too can find a love like their parents and be able to be just as happy as us even with all the ups and downs we may have.
Our story isn't special, we haven't had much life experience (more then alot our age though) and there are many like us but this is our story and it makes me happy to say that I married my childhood sweetheart and can say I still love him just as much as the very first day I meet him and asked if he wanted to play jump rope with me.
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

How sweet! I love hearing stories like this, I just married my high school sweetheart and understand that special place in the heart this comes from :) Best wishes always!!