I'm Married for almost 7 years, my wife suffers from CP (Cerebral Palsy), I remember falling in love and planing our wedding together, I would noticed she would stress out over simple things but didn't bother me much, her family is a lovely family but they had shown to be overprotective, I never read or understood about CP and what are the health problems that this disability could bring, on our regular arguments I always saw my wife as any other woman, and believed that she would understand that being upset just mean being upset for that moment, what I didn't know was that she didn't forget the bad staff that I would say when I was upset, and she was keeping it inside, here mom and sisters would notice that she was not happy and the last person to know it was me, due to my busy schedule at work and now she handling 2 kids that I adore it was too much for her, but when they asked what was wrong she replied that she wasn't happy and told them the worst about me , and I don't blame her to say the truth but she never told me anything, no warnings, nothing. And then the worst; my sister in law that never liked me because of me being blunt started to do whatever she can to brake this relationship, she is friends with my wife's ex-boyfriend and started to convince my wife that he is what she wants. So she is trying to convince my wife to opt out to divorce me, my wife now believes that this is the route to take and don't want to change her mind, she wants to experience the divorce hoping this brings happiness, I asked her to give me one more chance so I can show her that I will make her happy now that I understand more how she thinks, but she continues to ask me to find a place and move out, we have 2 kids a two year boy and a 5 year girl that are very attached to me. I can't imagine how much damage they will go trough to experience this separation. Now I have being dedicated to my family as much as I can for the last 6 months and nothing that I do changes her mind, she don't want no couples consoling or any kind of family therapy, I feel devastated and I don't know what to do. Thank you for reading my experience.
joepepe25 joepepe25
31-35, M
Sep 2, 2014