My Wife Has Pstd, I Am Alone!

Been with my now wife for 10years, mariied 3! My wife and I were so in love for along time had problems but nothing out of the ordinary? I was well aware of her childhood molestation when we first started dating, she was up front with me and told me from time to time it effected her sexlife! I was supportive and we did have our ups and downs in the bedroom but never was an issue cause I love her.

4 years into our relationship she started getting distant, wanting change and starting to become unemotinal, and one day just left! She came back about 6 months later and told me how she had felt and she was sorry and loved me and she wanted me forever. She was emotinaly unattached still but imagine someone telling you they loved you so much but with know fealing behind it? That was her, so time went on and 2 years went by and she left again after an argument about her being cut off from me and life enotinaly....

I was done with her for good I said, I started living a normal life again, a single life and about 8 months down the road here comes a letter in the mail with her claming her love for me, well I still loved the women so I went to see her, we talked, reconected, she was like her old self agian, in a support group, involved me in it, and right after we got married it started all over again!!!!!!!!!!

My wife is now gone,claiming her love for me, she has been in counsoling, and is being treated with Zoloft, I am not included in her theropy at all, she insists on staying out of the home till she gets on some kinda of a systme within herself and has no set goal in mind as far as time being away from this marrige. We raise a son together, her stepson, and he is very hurt also, we do see her from time to time on visits, but refuses to come home, she says she does not want to end our marrige by being this way for ever, but at the same time throwing fate to the wind.

My wife means the world to both me and my son, he just told her yesturday " you feal like my mom and my own mother a step mom". I am very deppressed and having a hard time dealing with it all, I am on the outside looking in and married but no wife... I love her so much and this has been the toughest thing in the world I have ever had to do and I am not sure I am even doing all that well cause I sure dont feal that great inside. When she left she left me with her issues and excluded me as if I would no longer be bothered if she was not there?

Life is extreamly hard

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The woman I love has PTSD from an sexual assault. I feel so selfish for feeling the way I do but I'm having such a hard time dealing with the ups and downs. I feel like one day she loves me and the next moment she well get a flashback and the entire week is gone. Going crazy here and I don't no what to do anymore, I'm getting extremely depressed.

I've been in a 5 year relationship with someone that is suffing from Ptsd we have plans to marry a month ago but, is was called off because she thought it was cold feet but, several weeks later she said she wanted to split up. I had no idea that she was suffering from this. After going to the doc she was told that she had ptsd. I had no idea what that was. I started doing some researching to find out more information about Ptsd and what causes it. Well in her previuos relationship she went throught a lot with him but falled to tell me all the things that happen to her. She wants me to leave the home we just purchased so she can have time to heal but, I'm refusing to leave I love her and want to merry her. From time to time I see the guy that she was married to. When I see people that abuse other people I wish that i could take the law in my own hand, you know the rest.

I'm having a very tought time with this she is numb little interaction and act as if she dont love me. She had agreed to go to counseling but repeats that is will no work because she don't trust me with her emotional feeling. There were no sighs of anything for the first 4.5 years as the wedding date came close thats when it all come out. I just want this to end and I want my future wife-to-be back. I'm going to hang in there and pray to God he will see us through this.

I'm really sorry to hear that your life is so tough right now. Have you spoken with your wife about how this is affecting you? I know it might seem better to avoid it b/c you'd risk upsetting her, but maybe she needs to see it. Tell her you love her; tell her how much she means to you. Be patient, too, as difficult as it is. You've been dealing with your wife's PTSD for the past three years; She's been dealing with it her entire life. Good luck & hang in there!