When the Person You Love Isn't the Same Anymore

It's not about the usual changes we all have during our lives. Mentally ill people suffer from changes that, most of the times, affect their personalities to a point where you can assure you no longer know them.

I'm mentally ill as well, and it doesn't make it any better. I've got GAD and depression. Our communication has dropped to almost none, but he seems to be OK with it. He doesn't accept  his illness and blames "the world" for not understanding him, to trying to force him back to normality.

Someone told me that obviously I still loved him otherwise I'd already left him. What I feel is commitment, and the need to try before it's actually over. But I'm also getting tired of the situation and sometimes it makes me angry as well. I don't understand him, he doesn't understand me. I don't feel like I fulfill his needs and he doesn't fulfill mines. Then what's the point? I'm still wondering.

Lenx Lenx
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 25, 2009

Marriage, in my opinion, is for BETTER or for WORSE. Think about the difficulties that you face every day. Now imagine how hard it is for him. The question is, is everything that you and him have faced together as a couple worth dropping because you are having a rough time? Im not asking for you to comprimise your happiness to keep the memory of you two alive... all i'm asking is you give it a fighting chance and reach out for every resource available to you such as counseling. And have faith in yourself that you can and will overcome this.