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I have only been married for 7 and a half years and I feel like my husband just doesn't care. He never asks about me or how things are for me and when I try and tell him he cracks jokes or I get cut off by one of his antics. See, I'm not married to a "man's man" .. I am married to a irresponsible, self centered, arrogant child who just wants to play and live in his own world. I wear the pants in the family unless it comes to him and HIS life. I gave up my life to raise our children. Here is where it gets kooky. He doesn't hang out with friends (we have none) and he LOVES hanging out with his kids. Amazing father. I'm just so lonely when he only care about himself physically, and emotionally and mentally. He is a master manipulator. He gives the illusion that he is here and present but he isn't..  Its so hard to explain. I need someone who gets this ... anyone out there? pls...
littleredhen1283 littleredhen1283 26-30 1 Response Nov 8, 2011

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