Its actually amusing how I find us trying to avoid each other on the weekends. Most people look forward to fridays, spend time with the family and so on.
Although I have convinced myself the marriage is over, I still havn't left yet. I am planning my escape though, and these weekends just helps to cement my resolve.

Even when we go over to friends, we sit on opposite sides of the room and so on. I wonder if they notice, because this is actually humorus now. we avoid each other, even when together.
For those out there that have separated, are you happier alone?

This was another typical weekend, thank goodness tomorrow is monday. Back to work, and I can enjoy all of its distractions.

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I know this is an older post but your statement about "Tgi..monday Its actually amusing how I find us trying to avoid each other on the weekends. Most people look forward to fridays, spend time with the family and so on." Is absolutely true the weekends are long he does his thing, I do mine but hardly ever together we've become so accustomed to functioning around each other that we don't function together.

Sad...Iam in similar situation. 38 yr. 2 kids married from last 18 husband has no interest in me, I guess! Mine is worse he works from home and I am stayed at home mom --- a pin drop silence most of the communiations if something than its just verbal fights. What makes matter worse is, he is momma's boys who lives just 4-5 miles away from his parents. His parents are gowinh older and also their selfishness is gowing with them --I feel they want us to be seperated -- and my husband blindly follows them!!

S0 many thoughts comes in my feels usless, not worth living. I also crave to be touched and loved. So far I have stayed very faithful --but I question to myself, Don't I have life to live my life and be happy ?? Only thing stopping me my kids -- I want to give them a happy family invironment -but I am really??? I am not happy, I hate my life I relly giving them a mother wh they desserve to have ...a happy, a mentally strong mom?? Is it really so bad to quit a marraige... where there is no need of my presence or absence?? Hopefully, god will show me right way...hopefully!!

I can remember lots of times feeling like I would just explode because I wanted us to be close, or to be close to SOMEONE but he just seemed to have this crazy need for space. <br />
<br />
I find it odd that since I have backed off, and not expressed the desire to touch or be touched (still need and want it but maybe from someone else) he is the one seeming to cling. This is something I NEVER thought would happen. Ever. Period. <br />
<br />
Unlike you, I have not been actively planning an exit, but I am open to whatever needs to happen to make life better. In my old way of thinking, I would have felt selfish to take on that attitude...and maybe it is. But I feel like I finally realized that I really do deserve to be touched, desired, looked at, etc. <br />
<br />
For your sake I hope you find the peace of mind to pursue your own needs!!!

Thanks for the support...and oh, I have backed off,,way off. We'll see what happens. :)