Me After Marriage

I think I was a different person before my marriage, now it seems the world has become a very small place for me (Me and my wife thats all). I live in India so we have a different importance for relationships, not like the west where marriages happen and break within months, weeks, days, (mins? secs?).

After Marriage I had to do certain compromises, but I don't mind doing that.
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People like you bring originatiy in this modern world ,marriage, love , and children, to ful fill the earth, ,that what is missing in the west, ,most of people in west have sex very early as teen agers, learn to use condoms and other presevatives, and so they are tolaly against to have the children, , and plus they change as many parteners as many condoms they use, , and the loose the passion to meet thier marriage parteners in their live, and loose the sensitivty to meet someone for longer time, so this major cause the there are fewer traditional familes in west or planed children and not children, and these masses are proud of thier modern civilisation that proceted by nato, Asian or african may not to defend themselves melitarily but they are rich to have families through traditional marriage , that populates thier countries ,while as in west lack of children and empty seat inschools are replaced by foriegn children , children of immigrated from south american ,yougoslavia, spain, italy. easterneroup, and turks, india jews and arabs rusians, pakistani, india and tamils as well as thialand and indonasia, as well as chinese. west will be populated by the thirld world kids, who have better survival skills as urge to be the best in schools, though they are very emotional compared than western kids..

He doesn't have any children

This is an extremely uninformed post, probably written by a moron or a racist, or both. The structure of Indian societies - which differ considerably depending on language, state, region, etc... - is extremely complex. It has nothing to do with Thailand, Indonesia, etc... except in the fact that for Europeans or Americans this all looks the same - after all, it's Asia, isn't it? Not even considering in India you have hindus, you have Muslims, you have Christians - plus thousand variations between castes, sub-castes, villages, towns, new towns, etc...For marriage, Indian marriages are arranged and have nothing to do with either sex or love. They're arranged by families based on a staggering number of criteria, including horoscopes (which are very different from Western horoscopes). it doesn't mean in any way that men or women (but usually men, it's easier for them) cannot have sex, mistresses, girlfriends, pre and post-marital sex....India is a cluster of very erotic societies in many ways, although you might never know looking at the strict dress codes for females. Why would Indians move to a depressive West when their own country is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with military power to match, wonderful weather in most of the country, an extremely diverse richness of traditions? Maybe to make some order to buy a condo or a house in India! Let's stop thinking that the whole world wants to immigrate in depressive Western economies. They don't!

Let me ask my co-workers... Did they move to Silicon Valley for the weather?
My boss is Pakistani, I work with two Russians, a Vietnamese guy, two Chinese. That's just in my group. I am the only American born person there. In the SW group, there are 5 Chinese, two Indians, two American born guys, one who is third generation Hawaiian, all run in a group run by another Pakistani. Let's ot even get into the process group...
So don't tell me people don't want to come to this country to work and live. And do any of them go home to their country? Nope, they all are either naturalized citizens or are working on becoming one.

Hooray to a success story!! And finally a man that understands...COMPROMISE!!!