Not for long....and never again...
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I don't really think it's "marriage" per se.....but it's VERY easy to pick the wrong partner....and then very hard to give up the dream. I DO plan to marry Donny at some point...but THIS marriage will be like neither of the others.....honesty, fidelity and a "full disclosure" policy will have been in place and growing for quite some time, when we DO marry. This time, I take make sure that I will NOT be the one to pay....with my heart.

so you can't recommend marriage, penny? just as well, being married was never a priority on my list anyway. among other things, seeing what my mom had to deal with from my dad kind of put me off of the idea.

Neither was I....twice...

Same here. Been married almost 2 years and hate it. Some people are happily married; I'm not one of them.

Infuckingdeed, pix!!!!

I was married for 20 years and the last 10 or so were miserable. Life's so peaceful now that we've split. I'd much rather be alone than in a bad relationship. Life's too darned short! :-)

Same here. Stuck in this unhappy relationship. Feel so lonely and unhappy about it. I need helppppp