Our Love

Love was when I met you..
Love was when I knew I would love you..
Love was when you knew you loved me..
Love was when you finally asked to marry me!
Love was on our wedding day when you turned to me said "c'mon" and than kissed me!
Love was on our wedding night when we both knew there would NEVER be "anyone else" for me or for you..
Love was when our son was born and we knew there was nothing more perfect in this world!..
Love is when the years go by and I know its TRUE- you'll look me in the eyes and know that I'll always be the one for you!
Love is now-knowing somethings will change like our faces and our bodies and hopefully our selfish ways...
But I hope somethings stay the same: like the love I have for you and the way you take care of me AND like the way I know you would do anything for me!

This love we have is unique- for many THINK they have it..
But ours is special because its shared between ME and YOU!
changedbylove changedbylove
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

Thank you very much:) <br />
I am!! ;)

I like a good love story and it sounds like you are working on a very special one with your spouse. Congratulations.