My True Love

I am married for the second time, and this time around is the real thing. Right from the moment I met him I knew.  Life is easy with this person we like the same things we can talk about anything even my crazy moments when I get all spiritual and weird.  We work together well and holiday fantasticly together.
Nothing is a huge problem and we compromise easily both of us.  I knew he was the right one for me because there was notheing I wanted to change about him, not his clothes his hair his after shave.  I waited 9 years alone for this person so rest assured there is some one out there that is perfect for you don't settle for less, make a list (i did) and get all that yu want it's worth it.
scaryharry scaryharry
46-50, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

Thanks for sharing.Your story may help others who are still waiting for that special someone.