I was married just last week.  Kris and I did it in  a town in a neighboring state where Lesbian and Gay marriages are legal... we had everything ready, Kris had researched this carefully.  We had waived the three-day waiting period.

We got up early, showered and each wore a sun dress.... we exchanged engagement rings at the Town Hall.  We filled out the application, paid our fee ... and are legally married.

Wife and Wife.

Spouse and Spouse.

Full Partner and Full Partner.

We had lunch in the town and then drove home.  That night we made love for the first time as married women.

We actually consider this our engagement... we will have a church service in about two months... a Blessing of a Civil Marriage, and that will be our true ceremony.

Thank God for so many good people who have made this possible, who have changed antiquated laws and allowed two women in love to be married.

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Congratulations,<br />
Here's to a long and happy life together for you both

Congrats Sara.

Full Partner and Full Partner - beautiful :)

I wish your wife (and her wife) years and years and years... of happiness, contentment and love.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!<br />
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That is awesome, congrats

I AM lucky... I consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the WHOLE ******* WORLD!!!!!<br />
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Thanks Josie, my sister, you are sweet.

Congratualtions! May there be more happy moments in your life and few hurdles and pain. Take care and Enjoy!

(((((Hugs))))) to both of you.<br />
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Congrats!!!!!<br />
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Two beautiful happy people in love. Only the best for both of you.<br />
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SG, I wish you always love and happiness.<br />
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Hehe lucky you!<br />
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You're like the fourth wedding last week!

Thanks, lala... I am afraid I am waving my engagement ring around like some teenager....

I am so happy for you!