My Happily Ever After

So I met my husband when I was 20 it was just over 6 years ago. I had just moved from New York to Hawaii and was working and studying all at the same time I had a few friends but i was ready to pack up and move back to Boulder to my family and friends I loved Hawaii but I felt like i had left way too much behind. Jason stopped me in a parking lot one night and said, "I'm going for breakfast tomorrow why dont you come with no pressure it's an open invitation if you want to come then come if not I'll find another way to spend time with you." My ok this guy is a complete freak alarm bells started ringing in my head i said something along the lines that he was a complete freak and was probably asking every arb person he saw for breakfast he laughed and said, "I know what you probably thinking but here's the thing I think we could be friends good friends and I think one day in the future we'll get married and be very happy together." he assured me that he hadnt asked anyone else or even said anything to anyone like that before. From that day on Jason and I became friends we spoke about a lot of wierd and intresting things and he became my best friend.

When I first met Jason he was a sniper for SWAT and in the beginning I was like how can you do that he explained it as best as possible and said that he had one shot and if it meant that it would save some innocent persons life he'd take it. I had never ever thought about it that way later on Jason left SWAT and became a police officer he then within a few years became a Captain Dective Inspecter by the time Jason made Detective we had been dating for a year and were planning on moving in together and we knew a lot about each other every part of me knew that Jason really was a guy i could love and spend the rest of my life with!

By this time I also knew that Jason career was one where the last time I said good bye could be quiet possibly the last time i ever saw him this was something i got used from the first day we met but i also knew that every minute i spent with him was better than a minute not spent with him. Jasons family was a family that had a long military background his father was based in Hawaii and when he spoke about his family he had nothing but the utmost respect for every single one of them his sister and Jason have one of the most amazing and strongest relationships i have ever seen in my life it goes for his whole family. i normally used to tease him about it and one day i asked him about it and he was like you know what when you know your life can change in a split second would you really want to worry about what wasnt said or done or the fight you last had would you not just want to be honest all the time and leave this world knowing that everyone there knew exactly where they stood and how you felt about them would you not rather respect everyones bouderies instead of pushing them just for the sake of fun. at first i was like ok i dont get it but now i really do!!

Jason and i were together for just over two years when he came home and said that he wanted to be a marine i looked at him thinking ok he has officially lost his mind when he added you know its been something i've been putting off for way too long and i cant anymore Girlfriend i cant sit back well a war is going on and twiddle my thumbs i have to do something i've been fooling myself that i've been doing something for way too long and i cant anymore i need to do this for me and i know you'll probably hate me and my father for a while but just know i love you i trust you and i always will. I supported him at night i think i cried myself to sleep every night during the day i supported him i knew what this meant for him and i knew he needed my support and i knew i couldnt tell him how much i didnt want him to do this. the three months that followed were hard there were times when i thought right that's it i cant anymore i'm not this strong i'm not the person that sits at home and waits for a phone call or letter and it wasnt long before i realised that the letters i got from him meant so much to me and if his letters meant this much to me then it was probably the same for him i got one letter that said "Sam i love your letters they like my little piece of heaven well i'm in hell." after that i upped the tempo and wrote as much as i could i'd do anything to keep him strong and focussed and positive. the things he managed to do well still in boot camp will still amaze me he managed to make my birthday one of the most special and rememerable days of my life i went home for Christmas and he managed to make them just as special by sending me a christmas card i also got a thrid year anniversary gift on new years!!

Jason got out of bootcamp in January we went to Boulder to see my family and and stayed in a resort for the weekend that weekend Jason proposed i was in my PJ's and my hair was all over the place and it was like the first thing i thought about but agreed there was not even a sec doubt in my mind our 10 days together we never left each others sides because we knew he'd be leaving again when he left i dived into wedding plans Jason may not have been here but he helped out as much as possible i remember us having phone conversations discussing color schemes or inside or outside ceromony i also remember the panic attack we had when we realised that niether of us could walts and there would be no time for us to practice Jason ropped in some of his friends that he was with to teach him i got his parents to teach the best men and his sister then my perents taught the bridesmaids. i remember him saying you know this could either be pulled off or be a complete disasster at that point so much was happening iburst out laughing because i had a vision of a bunch of marines teaching each other how to dance lol he was amazing through the whole thing. Jason came home about four days before we got married and dived into helping out with the last minute things where he could. the day finally arrived July 3rd 2010 i'll never forget it was definately the happiest day of my life and will be for a well. Jason left again on the Tuesday back for training but coming back in September/October. i also just recently found out that i'm pregnant with our first child when i told Jason he was so happy i could actually see his smile through the phone we starting the family we've always dreamed about!!

So although i have been married for a month i know honeymoon stage. but here is the thing Jason is the love of my love my soul mate call it what you'd like we connected on so many different levels. Jason is my best friend we speak about everything this experience through bootcamp has made me and him stronger it made me realise that i'm a lot more tougher than i could ever imagine it has also made us speak about and think about things we'd always just avoid its also made rethink a whole bunch of things i thought i was an expert on and i now know i knew nothing about anything!! i trust Jason with every thing i have or believe in and i know he trusts me our relationship shifted from just loving and tusting each other to a much deeper and stronger level its the scarest thing i've ever felt but i wouldnt change a thing and i can honestly say i'm happy trully and completely happy and i love him with everything i have and everything i will ever have!! for the first time in my life i know where i belong and its in his arms he's my picture my before during and after picture he will always be in it there will never be anyone one that would come near to how i feel about him never ever!!
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YAY! YAY!! It is really a Beautiful thing. HUGS & Love, livingwell