Would You Marry Your Spouse Again???

,,SO i came across a study where they asked married men and married woman if they would marry their spouses again?
80% of men said they would marry their wives again!! yay!! so sweet!! Thats a pretty high number! Well like only like 40 something said they would marry their husband again.. frown ok, ok that isnt too yay! Kinda sad, if you ask me!
Well.... so i kinda asked myself that question... hhmm would i really really marry my husband again??.....
And my answer would have to be YES!heart And heres why........................ Ok so of course my husband has his many MANY faults!! And YES he can completely drive me nuts at times!! He can be lazy, a little rude(when hes sleepy and hasn't had his nap), can sometimes be too busy for me, doesnt always have the money i want to spend on idle things, and believe me the list can go on and on and on and ok ok ill stop there hehe. BUT ok say i didnt marry him again and i married the guy that wasnt lazy, never rude not even when he missed his nap, and he just always always had time for me, AND just had all the money in the world... wow sounds amazing huh...BUT than i thought about this- so ok yeah i would have this dude with these certain great attributes BUT BUT what about all the wonderful things about my husband I TRULY LOVE..? His great kisseskiss, his silly faces he makes just for me, the way he eats all my burnt frys for me, all the times he cooks for me, and -sigh- the way he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when i know im NOTcheeky, and the list can go on and on and yes believe me on... 
And who knows? This "other dude" may not even exist.. but at least i KNOW my husband does!wink SO my answer is.. YES, i would marry my husband AGAIN, again, and againsurprise  I sure wouldnt want no other girl to get stuck with him;) lol
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I am already married so why would I need to marry him again?