On The Occasion Of Our 29th Wedding Anniversary

There is a lot I could say in appreciation of my husband.  He is one amazing man.  Our marriage has survived for 29 years and made it through some pretty steep ups and downs, not the least of which has been mental illness.  I might write about my husband's remarkable recovery from severe and psychotic depression another time, but for now I wanted to focus on two things I love about him the most.

The first of these is the way he makes an occasion out of everything.  Even if it is something as mundane as a trip to the doctor, if we make that trip together he never fails to appreciate that on this precious occasion he is with his wife and he will do some little thing, like putting on a love song and dedicating it to me, or stopping for a soft drink on the way home and having a quiet chat in the car before facing the onslaught of the demands of the younger children.  He is like that wherever we go, really making the most of the trip, however small.  He is always seeing things to appreciate, interesting geological features, or a flowering plant worth photographing in someone's garden.  And he takes lots and lots of photos so we never forget all these times.

The second thing I thought I would mention is that he is a great kisser.  And after 29 years of marriage he has never become tired of it.  He has soft, sensual lips and makes his kisses go on for ever.  

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Thank you. It has not always been as happy as it is now. But a simple lesson I learned along the way is, where you find little love, put love in and you will draw love out.

so you must be the one who makes him that way and my god i wish i new what you do, its so good that a man can apprecait what every day brings and you are so good to apprecate it and a good kisser , your blessed ha ha you are great enjoy the love ,, x

And again thank you for your wonderful appreciation and may similar blessings return to you.

That is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing!! My h and I were only 19 years this past Dec. But it is beautiful stories like yours that gives me hope in continued wonderfulness in a special relationship that time can not weaken or destroy!! Congrats to you and to many more years!! :)

Thank you so much both of you for your constructive appreciation.

Thanks for sharing this story. It's nice to hear about marriages that survive tough stuff. Congrats on the 29 years!