My Soulmate And My Best Friend

Almost one year ago today I married who I have to say is the most amazing man I have ever met in my entire life. I have been married before..and sadly it was not a happy ex husband and I did not connect at all. I always felt empty and like something crucial was missing from my life. After 2 years of separation we divorced and went our own ways. Almost two years after becoming divorced I was still not happy. I had been in a relationship but it was not a healthy one at all. I got out as soon as I could. For the first time I actually felt free to live my life and to make a new start for myself. I knew what I wanted but I wanted to make sure everything was right before I jumped into anything again because I could not handle another heartbreak. In my free time I chatted alot online. I had went on some dates and stuff but no body really stood out to me. I was beginning to think and accept that maybe I was meant to live my life alone. And then I started talking to this man online. He seemed down to earth and normal..the talking online turned into phone texts..the phone texts turned into phone conversations..we talked all the time. The first time I heard his voice I think I melted into a puddle of awe. It was so easy to talk to him..I didn't feel nervous I just had a good feeling. We learned alot about each other. He was currently on vacation visiting his family but he was from my area and we decided we would meet and say hi. The first time I saw him I was so taken aback. I had never had such a reaction to anyone before in my life. I could not stop staring into his gorgeous eyes and his smile and laugh just totally took me for a loop. We decided for him to come over for dinner and we both made it clear to each other that at that time a friendship was probably the safest way to go for now. Little did I know what the love Gods had in store for me..we quickly became more than friends..we had this emotional connection that was so intense..we became married almost a year ago. We still have the same emotional connection. He is my best friend. I thought I could never find true love like this. I really do believe in soulmates and love at first site now. I have never been more happy and felt so alive..the piece in my life that was always missing was found and my heart is complete!!
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Would love to hear your feelings on this as well.

That is wonderful and uplifting. Enjoy.<br />
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Thank you for sharing.