My place in this alienated world

I'm married and I don't live in a sexless marriage.I have a family and I'm happy with what I have.I'm not on EP to be anybody's father or mother ; don't need a romance or any kind of cyber sex.I can't help anybody who is too stubborn to accept the truth,no matter how brutal the truth is.
And obviously I'm not gay and I'm not a racist,neither a member of KKK.
I am a nationalist to the bottom of my soul and I'd like to greet all my Slav brothers on EP.
Once again :I have no other problems except that I'm not happy with my job,my childhood was nice(don't have any trauma) and I don't have any perverted dreams to share on EP,because I'm not perverted.
Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery, but all snobbery is about the problem of belonging.
Alexander Theroux
edit : it's all over now and this story makes me feel sad
SaintMaj SaintMaj
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Are you depressed about something? Or just feel depressed most of the time. I was wondering it something medical was wrong. The "Mean" thing is a mystery. I didn't experience your post as mean, just generally unhappy. And what's with the desire you claim to have to irritate people? What's the point?

I'm sorry :(

What is " all over" ?

funny! :)

Makes me wonder why you want to invest time in a forum, where your identity is concealed and you will not meet any real people. Married, Kids, Family, A not so great job (beats being unemployed) no trauma, everything pretty "Normal" Then what are you looking for in a virtual life? Just curious!

Actually - I am at work and I'm on EP while I'm downloading some things.
I avoid Facebook because I'm even more mean there and people....don't like it.Yep,I'm a bully and I just adore to annoy people.
Things changed since I wrote that confession.I have very good job now.

So you are here so you can annoy people freely!! :P Good to know about the job! :)

... and So It Is! :)))<br />
Slav brothers? What about sisters??

So nice to hear that marriages do work occasionally. =) I like your openess and honesty on the matter too. It is a credit to you saintmaj...

thank you

U are obviously not a happy chappy

who is ?

HAHAHA everyone is a bit farked up, are you lying to yourself? *curious eyebrow lifted* hahahha

Hello my polish sister !

so was i till an *** hole killed my wife

Good luck with looking for a job. It sounds like you've got everything else under control, which must be a great feeling.

I enjoy people like you.. sounds like me:) Without a job to though..oh, and the fact I'm not a man or a

Well I think it's great to share the good things and the not-so-good things so we all just get along and help one another when we can! Good luck with the work thing - maybe something better will come along. :)

Dude, you sound like you are speaking from a place of hurt. How can we help?<br /><br />

Keep your resume posted. Maybe you will find your dream job one day! I hope you can.

Needle in a haystack. You're an encouragement to many, thanks for sharing. Maybe ep will hire ya...:-)

thank you dear

Good for you! Hope you have more luck on the job front in the future :0)

thank you,thank you,thank you

What!????!!! You're normal ? hahahahahaaaaaaa.. me too .. Hope you get a job you like .. lololol :) xox

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:) good for you. Wish you get a solution for the job issues.

: )

Wow. Can I be just like you?<br />
<br />
AHHHHHH a crazy picture of a shirtles dude killing some just popped up on the screen. What is up with that? <br />
<br />
Ahhhhh it was a link and I can't click anything else. <br />
<br />
Ok that's better.