My Husband

He is one in a million......He is patient and kind......He loves me for me and has never tried to change me......I can be a lot to handle sometimes but he never gets mad at me and is one of the few people who can calm me down or make me feel better when I'm upset......I am bipolar and he deals very well with that......I love him too because he has never given up on me and I know he never will......:)
Brunhild Brunhild
36-40, F
6 Responses Sep 12, 2011

the most beautiful and loving confession I ever seen it is like I would imagine the unconditional true love congratulation

Thank-you.....He is a rare treasure.....

Men like that are so rare. I have one who always puts me first. He has been a blessing in my life. I feel so lucky to have met him, I have seen what other wives endure. This man has given me everything The most important being respect, Love, and understanding

That is exactly what mine does.....I just wish he was here right now.....

It's great to hear that some guys will stick with their partners through thick or thin. He obviously has the right temperament and that goes a long way towards maintaining an healthy loving relationship.

He is one of a kind.......I seriously doubt anyone else would put up with me.....:)0

I read this before; did not comment that time. Now I have to! ;) Who cares the most; you or your husband? Only one answer possible.... ;) xW

There is no real answer to that question because neither of us knows what's in the other's head.....Is that a rhetorical question????

Your right about having to keep up with marriage, my wife and I are going on 28 years and yes there have been good ones and bad ones. Glad to hear you have a good marriage going, keep at it.

Will do :)....I'm not going anywhere any time soon........:)

Happy Brunhild & happy hubby :) :) :)

Thank-you Julie....:D