Love Being Married!!!

glad to be able to share how i ended up married, i met my husband 6yrs ago in a online chat room called yahoo :) and we found out that we lived in the same town and he just lived 3 blocks from me , we still can't believe it! we were both single parents and at first just met with each other for about a week, then we met at a park with our children which are both girls at the time his was 5 and mine was 6, anyways, they hit it off the first day they met and each warmed up to us which is very rare when your dating, i felt so close to him that i gave up my home i lived in for 3yrs and( I've never done that for anyone) i moved into a house with him, which he shared with his dad, aunt, i didn't feel very at home so i moved back to my old place and decided i wasn't ready for this relationship because i had just lost my dad and was still grieving,  then a few yrs went by and i was missing him really bad and so was my daughter but i had lost contact with him, then one day i had my yahoo messenger on and i still had him on there and he was on, i was in shock, so i was brave and sent him a message and he wrote back i told him we missed him and his daughter and felt empty and he wrote back they felt the same way, i was so excited to hear that, so we planned on meeting at a movie theater and i was so nervous i had one of my friends take me lol, it went so well we ended up back together :) well we lived together for about 6mo in an apartment then my older half sister who lived here in Cali got a hold of me and told me that there was a place for rent next door to her and if we wanted it then we should take it,( we lived up in Washington state at the time)  so we decided to give it a try and start fresh, he found a trucking job and we loved it there, that was in 07, then we went down hill,he lost his job and we ended up losing our home and had to move in with some friends of ours here in Cali then we decided to try back up in WA to see if we could make it there so we went and stayed with some friends up there for a few months , but couldn't find a place because of our credit nor could he find a job, and that got between us , so i decided to come back down to Cali and fix my car and try to find  another place, but he had people telling him not to cause it will just be the same as before and that made us split up and was a big battle for almost a year, then i found a place and got my car fixed and a good friend of mine invited him down to my daughters b day and she hoped we would talk and work things out? well we talked and more lol and so we both decided to not listen to people and stay in ca and that we were gonna get married we never wanted to be apart again :) and on April our kids were on spring break and we were planning on going up to WA to visit fam and decided to get married while we were up there, so on 4/3/2010 we were married and have been happier then ever since then:) in ca where we belong
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Dec 22, 2011