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well, it's been 2 days straight where i'm running away and hiding from some people with guns and trying to kill me. and sometime back i see myself grasping for air. where i had been shot.. dont know what that means but, i am very scared to go out and get into an accident.. does anybody knows what that means?
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Were you really shot? Do you think you're delusional? I think you need professional help if you're too afraid to go out. My second last bad dream years ago had me all shook up when I awoke. I couldn't move for a few minutes. After that I lay in bed and thought things through and decided that if I have another frightening dream I'll tell myself, "It's not real. It's not real." I think it was a few weeks later when I had my last bad dream. Again I woke up and was all shook up. I remembered my instructions to myself and I told myself, "It's not real. It's not real." Over and over again until I calmed down. I haven't had a bad dream since, and that was almost ten years ago. You have to try to distinguish fact from fiction. And get help. You need to talk to someone about your problems so that you can enjoy life. Good luck.

may be it has something to do with your past.

If it is a dream. then i would intrpret it this way. People following you with guns and trying to kill denotes, some powerful situation in which you are. You may want to come out of it ( grasping for air) looking for simple things. beleive me in near future you are gong to get out of a power ful situation in very simple manner. this will happen very soon. and when this happens, just pm me.

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you running away means you are in denial of something, you keep on running away from a problem and not facing it. shooting stands for aggression. in fact, you might be passive aggressive in a certain situation in your life, you might be angry at something or someone without realizing it. you're grasping for air: something is stifling you in your life, you are running from it, denying it, but its backfiring and stifling you, not letting you breath. if its a re-occurring dream you need to think about what is it in your life that you're running away from and thats not letting you breath. I read in your other post that you feel like your life in not getting anywhere even though you're happily married etc. this might be the reason for your dreams. maybe you should think about whats missing in your life, focus on your self discovery, on your self, maybe thats what you're missing. your family might be great, but sometimes we need to forget about others just for a bit and focus on your inner self...

it sounds like a re-accurring dream, i too am plaged with this but my dream isn't so straight forward, it doesn't neccessarily mean that you will end up in an accident, it means that you have an issue in your life that may be something you forgot or haven't dealt with and need too, despirately.