To Wonderunwalled-it Wasn't Lust


It was love at first sight. I told everyone at the party that I was going to marry him. My date was amused, I was determined and my future husband had no clue.

What I want, I grab:)

I treat him like a king, but I hold the reins. My mummy taught me well.

He still has no clue.


He is my friend, my teacher and my only lover.

He claims he is the best.

Maybe he still has no clue.


He is mine now - hook, line and sinker.

We each have a motto in the house.

His is "happy wife, happy life" and mine is just as simple.

Happy life, happy wife.


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4 Responses Apr 12, 2012

Ha, how would things go, if someone else like you saw him at a party tomorrow and said a similar thing, and she set her heart on having him, and she was 20 years younger, and a notch more voracious, charming, and determined. Could your wonderful story, and your bombastic confidence withstand a challenge? A Monika Lewinsky entering the scene.<br />
"Oh" you might say, "He loves me so much, my claim is certain." So he has given you all of his heart, and nothing can challenge that? To some that sounds sweet. To me, that sounds like convictions or beliefs that are beyond challenge, and which can never be tested, so aren't worth much really. Or at least aren't worth anything more than the value you ascribe to them.<br />
A friend of mine got divorced, and ran away with a Japanese women, who also left her husband, and i loved that story, but I remind them both, that they must now forever more live in a freer realm, a realm where if the same thing happened again, and one or either of them fell in love with someone and ran away, they'd have to accept it with grace and poise, as that is the nature of their relationship.

We have been tested and tried many times. Not as far as Monica scenario though. No marriage is perfect. We survived and I'm confident we will do so for many more years;)

"I treat him like a king, but I hold the reins." I love this. The balance of power within a healthy relationship is never straightforward and it never should be. <br />
<br />
In so few words you have conveyed so much which is quite a feat. I hope the simple circle which is your formula for happiness remains unbroken. It sounds like it will.

Thank you. This post was not easy to write. I'm not a minimalistic writer lol.

I love the Happy Wife, Happy Life motto, sooooo true!

It is so true, but not many men get it, crone hehehe.

mine does darling! :-))

I think you are both lucky to have found each other!

Thanks Dat. I guess we are. But like all relationships not only love but laughter, patience, responsibility and occasional 'wake up calls' can be good for us too:) xx