100 Days :))

Today is our 100 days as a married couple ... ... It is a busy day at work earlier but all is worth it. Everything were set...hehehehe!!

 What happened in the last 100 days?

 Friends asked me often how's married life? Well... hmmmm... I always answered it's simply the same life that we had before we get married the only difference we have the papers to prove that we are married!

But honestly, hubby is sweeter now... LOL!

 Somethings different.

 Being married to hubby changes me a lot. I guess he made me a better person than I already am. It was hard on us to be apart, but having the hope that one day soon we will be together again makes each day, a day to be closer.

 I just can't tell now how -- maybe one day soon :))

 For now, we'll enjoying each other. Having one goal,one heart desire and  one spirit to be together forever.

I pray to God  that He bless our marriage with long and loving years.

Help us seek our will for life, through happy days and tears.

To remind us to be quick to say, "I'm sorry". And to stay as best friends and make each day a beautiful to live.

We know our love will stay alive and God will be the center and His word will be our guide..


To my husband,

 You know how much I love you, and how I wanted to be with you now. I promise to love you forever and  I want you to know that I wanted to fall in love with you again and again everyday of my life.

Sometimes I am out of nowhere, but it doesn't mean I don't care. I'm just trying not to miss you, but still I do.

 Love lots,


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May 11, 2012