What Is Marriage?

Marriage is more than the exchange of rings
and the sharing of a household;
It is much more than just living together.
It is the desire to truly want to know
and understand another human being;
to feel and share in that person's happiness,
as well as their pain.

Marriage is to never feel alone;
but rather, to know that you alwayshave a friend;
a partner in life that you can laugh and cry with.
To know that you always have that special someone
to share your innermost thoughts and fears,
and know that you will be heard.
Marriage is helping your partner to be
the absolute best that they can be,
while still being able to experience your own need and goals.

Marriage is love;
true love that goes far beyond passion;

It is a love that you can reach for in times of crisis as well as joy,
and know it will be there to comfort and to share.

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May 12, 2012