Some Impromptu Marriage Counseling

My dear friend C and I watched a great compilation of cumshots recently, and he popped in a day or so later to check in.  Remind me to share the link with you sometime.  It was a fun piece, all of the same man and woman.  I got the hit they were married.  Theirs seemed like such a lovely, fun relationship that I got a bit wistful.  Besides, I've been staying up late and failing to get proper sleep during the day.  That always makes me yearn for some things more than usual.

C:  Did you have fun the other night?

milkynips:  I did, thank you.  That gal was terrific

C:  Did you *** later?

milkynips:  I did, yes

C:  I do like making you *** you know.

milkynips:  I know.  Should I just be satisfied with that?

C:  ?

milkynips:  It is awfully nice to enjoy time with you and others as I do.

C:  I just feel like an *** cuming an running.

milkynips:  no, no....don't. there's nothing wrong with a quickie.  it's just that I want someone to enjoy watching **** with...someone who will stimulate me with words...but also with touch and taste and his voice and his scent,  I just want it all, I guess

C:  Its not enough anymore?

milkynips:  I dunno.  I should count my blessings, but I remember what it was like to have someone who was very physical and I miss it

C:  I know.

milkynips:  it's relative deprivation, I guess

C:  Getting a little jaded as Milky?

milkynips:  not jaded

C:  calloused clitoris?

milkynips:  ha.  I have been offered some trips with hotel adventures, but so far have held out

C:  Don't break your marriage until you want to burn the whole ****** down.

milkynips:  I know, okay?

C:  ha

milkynips:  what do you think about all these wife sharing guys?

C:  Full of ****.

milkynips:  I think so too

C:  wishful thinking.

milkynips:  it seems like rationalization to make the situation bearable

C:  Swinging only works when both are on board.  And it rarely works at all.

milkynips:  The problem appears that many wives get more than the husbands do  They are resentful without their fair share of the action.

C:  I think you are more interested in an enthusiastic partner than in a big variety of men.

pmmilkynips:  yes, absolutely

C:  counseling You need to.  But know this....

milkynips:  yes?

C:  I guarantee you a counselor will tell you to stop playing with the likes of me.

milkynips:  I'm sure.  Maybe I should wear a burka too.

C:  With nothing underneath.

milkynips:  ha,   you cheer me up.  thank you

C:  What has made you depressed today?

milkynips:  I'm not really sure.  I suppose lack of sleep is a big factor. And the stark contrast between men like you and the one who shares my bed

C:  I know
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

To burn the whole thing down great comment and true to yourself. After reading so many peoples marriage issues I think I will scheduled some couch time when I return to see my wife.

I like the banter. it reminds me of the 'arguing' kind of "foreply" house used to have with the medical director lol

He is one of my best friends. A very lovely man indeed.

some say a best friend is just a lover waiting to happen . . . .

Definitely share your feeling about the guys who share their wives.