Marriage Is An Amazing Thing

I LOVE being married. It's just an awesome feeling knowing I'm always coming home to someone who loves the **** out of me. Marriage can be hard, and there are def some ups and downs. One thing I've learned through out the 10 years we've been together is to just let things go. Whenever my husband and I have an argument, we really don't stay mad at each other very long. For the most part it's hard for me to stay mad because he'll usually make me laugh or he'll look at me with those sexy *** eyes. Lol. It gets better and better. Maturity, commitment and honesty are the key to a healthy relationship. It feels amazing to be so blessed.
MzJo MzJo
26-30, F
1 Response May 15, 2012

Very nice, I find myself on this site after missing my wife and trying to figure out some ideas on how to make the most of when I see her again and how best to support her in a long distance relationship. Have you been apart from your husband for any length of time?

We had separated 3 years ago, but we still saw each other almost everyday because we have a son together. It lasted a little over a month. Lol. Not much of a separation I guess. But the experience of it is what made us realize how much we loved one another. So it was the best thing we ever did. I think what changed was the respect we have for each other. Also, if your not happy with yourself, then a healthy relationship is hard to maintain. Always work on yourself before committing to someone else. You can't make someone else happy if your not happy to begin with.

Very true and we can always work on ourselves