Your Master Wordsmith Is Back!!!

You pulled your hair out. You prayed day and night. You skipped lunches. You wept.
And all this just for me. You wanted me to come back soon and start writing blogposts. But how could I? I got married last month (sorry, girlfriends…I ditched you all), then had a wonderful honeymoon, and then simply spent some time at home with my lovely wife. Now that I am back to work (and as usual have some spare time in office), I thought I will share my experience over the last month or so.
In my country, weddings are supposed to be grand. That’s the only occasion when both parties don’t mind spending lavishly. The bride’s family usually ends up spending more than the groom’s. And then the wife makes the husband pay for it post-wedding by using his credit card for buying the costliest (and often unnecessary) stuff.
The actual day of the wedding is a collage and kaleidoscope of rituals. One ritual follows the other, and at the end of the day, the newly married couple is reduced to a bunny that doesn’t run on Duracell batteries. Fire crackers and some dance follows, and the couple reaches the groom’s home.
The first night after wedding is supposed to be ‘the night of action’ (if you have ever seen Bollywood movies). However, in fact, this is hardly the case. The couple is so tired after the day-long rituals that even saying a hello to each other takes a lot of enthusiasm and energy.
The real fun starts with the honeymoon, and mine was no exception to that. We did so much of traveling every day that when we reached our hotel rooms, we were again like those bunnies that don’t run on Duracell batteries. Still, we managed plenty of action inside the room as well, with my science graduate wife going into experimentation mode and making a guinea-pig out of me.
Life is now back to normal. The moon is out of the honey, and I am back running after money.
A word about my wife: She is the best I could have got. J
You can check our wedding album on Facebook and bless the lovely couple: Just type ‘Prabodh Phanse’ in the search box and there you go!!!
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

A good picture of your marriage ceremony and what followed :) Again you made me laugh. So nice :) I'm sure your wife will provide much interesting fodder, especially for us women to enjoy and relate to. It is so different when you are married. You know a woman as never before :)

Thanks dear for your excellent comments. I hope my wife proves to be my new fodder for the blogposts.

Congratulations, Prabodh, on your marriage and on another excellent post. I am delighted (and relieved) to see that marriage has not stifled your literary skill.